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Two Official System Northern Ontario Hockey Association.

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1 Two Official System Northern Ontario Hockey Association

2 Two Official System - Referee  Ice is divided by the centre red line  Referees will conduct all face-offs in the half they are currently responsible for  Referee not taking face-off will conduct line change procedure  Blow and Go, the referee will pick up the puck in the half he is responsible for and conduct the face-off

3 General Guidelines  Each referee covers 2/3 of the total ice surface  The coverage overlaps in the neutral zone

4 General Guidelines  As the front official, do not let the play pass you in the neutral zone  If you are in path of players and puck is in neutral zone, move towards your blue line  Never climb boards as it will leave you out of position and puts you in vulnerable position  Should always be at, or just inside the blueline prior to the puck and players  When you are front official, must be at centre red line as puck approaches to effectively call icings  As the back official watch for fouls in front of the net; your partner may be watching play in the corner or along the boards

5 R2 R1 Positioning While Play is in Progress To start game, or any face-off at centre ice, two officials should be positioned long centre red line facing each other. The official taking the face-off should face the penalty bench so that the timekeeper can start the clock when puck is dropped Timekeeper When puck is dropped, R2 must go with the puck whether left or right in order to be at the blue line as the puck crosses and R1 skates backwards to the boards after dropping the puck

6 R2 R1 As the puck moves into the end zone, R2 must follow the play and begin to implement his End Zone Positioning. R1 moves up the boards and takes a position just outside the blue line, at an angle facing the play In these positions, R2 can watch the play in the end zone and R1 can watch for off-sides and must also watch the end zone play away from the puck

7 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 At all times the two officials are in a diagonal position relative to one another, no further than one line apart

8 Positioning for Face-Offs Neutral Zone R2 R1 F.O.G – Free Official Goes The official not conducting the face-off (R2) should be prepared to move in either direction while referee conducting face-off skates backward to board when safe This allows for all lines to be covered

9 Positioning for Face-Offs End Zone R2 R1 Referee (R1) drops puck and backs to Home Base. If puck stays deep, practice End Zone Positioning. HB Referee not conducting face-off (R2) is positioned just outside the blue line – 30cm to 1m from the boards. May move further from boards to get a clear view of players behind R1. 30cm -1m

10 Face-Off Zone Changes  Once official (R2) has taken his position after centre ice face-off, he is responsible for face-offs and positioning in that half of the ice, R1 is responsible for other half  Officials maintain responsibility for face-offs until one of the following situations arise: Penalty is assessed Any neutral zone face-off (start of period, after goal, off-side, hand pass, etc.)

11 R1 reports a penalty to the scorekeeper R1 R2 R2 retrieves the puck and proceeds to the face-off spot for the ensuing face-off R2 R1 R2 now assumes the responsibility for face-offs and positioning in this end zone, while R1 handles line change procedure R1 takes up position outside blue line or across from R2 in the neutral zone depending on where the face-off takes place In this situation, the officials have changed ends Positioning when a Penalty is Assessed – Example #1

12 R1 R2 If R2 assesses the penalty, he will report the penalty to the timekeeper and R1 will retrieve the puck and conduct the ensuing face-off. R2 will assume position outside the blue line or across from R1 in the neutral done depending on the location of the face-off R2 In this situation, the officials have not changed ends Positioning when a Penalty is Assessed – Example #2

13 R1 R2 R1 A goal is scored in R1’s endR1 signals the goal and reports it to the scorekeeper. In the meantime, R2 retrieves the puck R2 goes to centre ice for the ensuing face-off, and R1 takes his position on the centre red line facing R2 Positioning When a Goal is Scored R1 must be ready to go left or right depending on the direction of the puck on the face-off and procedures are now the same as for the start of the game

14 Common Faults and Tips  Failure of the official responsible for attacking zone to leave zone quickly in pursuit of play  When stoppage in play at the net, move to At the Net position immediately to reduce conflict between players; presence and communication will act as deterrent for altercations after the whistle  If puck carrier is attacking player hold position a little longer as they will normally go to the net and you can follow  If puck carrier is defending player, retreat to home base as play generally goes up the boards

15 System Two Official System – True or False 1)Penalties can be assessed by either Referee anywhere on the ice. 2)When the puck is dropped at centre ice, the official not dropping the puck goes the direction of the puck to ensure someone is at the blue line for a potential off-side. 3)For neutral ice face-offs, the official not dropping the puck should hold the line for his partner until he is in position. 4)When a goal is scored the front linesman will signal the goal and report it the scorekeeper. The other official will retrieve the puck and go to the centre to conduct the face-off. 5)When a penalty is being assessed, the official will assess the penalty and report it to the scorekeeper. The other official will retrieve the puck for his partner and give it to him to conduct the face-off upon returning to the position. TRUE FALSE

16 Two Official System – Multiple Choice 1.While play is in progress the back official should watch the following: a) The play in the entire end zone b) For any off-sides at the blueline c) The play that is away from the puck d) All of the above 2.Which official is responsible for performing the line change procedure? a)The official taking the face-off b)The official not taking the face-off c)The official nearest the benches d)The line change procedure is not used in the two official system 3.The official who assessed and reported the penalty will: a)Go back to their original position b)Take his position outside the blueline or across from his partner in the neutral zone depending on the position c)Go where the face-off will occur and drop the puck d)None of the above 4.Although coverage overlaps in the neutral zone, each official is responsible for covering: a)One half b)One quarter c)Two thirds d)Only the play immediately around them

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