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EWI’s Laser Equipment 15-kW IPG Fiber Laser 4-way beam switch

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1 EWI’s Laser Equipment 15-kW IPG Fiber Laser 4-way beam switch
15-kW Laser

2 Laser Optics for Broad Coverage
Off-the-shelf integrated focusing optic Integrator lens with 6- × 8-mm rectangular spot Beam shape on thermoplastic burn block Integrator Lens Beam shape on burn paper

3 Broad Process Setup Powder delivery system Fiber optic delivery
Laser head Integrator lens Custom power nozzle Powder delivery line

4 Samples Stainless to Steel Inconel (2 pass) Stellite to Steel

5 Dilution Dilution typically less than 5% ~2.6% Dilution 6 mm L2 L1 A1

6 10-kW Fiber Laser 316L on 4130 9- × 12-mm rectangular spot 8 kW
~1 mm build-up (single pass)

7 Submerged Arc Strip Cladding SASC
Typically 750 A, up to 40 lb/hr Typical dilution of 10-20%

8 Electroslag Strip Cladding
ESC - Typically 1400 A, up to 60 lb/hr, dilution 5-15%

9 Additive Manufacturing (AM) – An Extension of Cladding
From single beads stacked upon each other (bottom) To large features at high deposition rates (top) Mitigated by balance of net-shape, metallurgical requirements, mechanical properties (tensile, fatigue, etc.)

10 AM – Progressive Layers
Additive manufacturing - build in layers, stress relieve/PWHT, machine, as/if necessary

11 Deposition Rate vs Resolution
Courtesy Boeing Decreased Resolution Increased Deposition Rate

12 Summary Surface engineering is a broad field ranging from ion implantation to explosive cladding in terms of the mass of material deposited in unit time. Practical methods for powder and strip cladding areas large and small, across a range of industries, include fusion-based processes such as GTA, PTA, GMA, laser, SASC, and ESSC depending on the area to be clad, deposit thickness, and chemistry required. Others include thermal spray, e.g., HVOF. Many processes require two layers to achieve the desired surface chemistry and corrosion resistance; others require only one layer.

13 Questions? Ian D. Harris Technology Leader, Arc Welding


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