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Impersonal expressions +infinitive

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1 Impersonal expressions +infinitive

2 In English You can use impersonal expressions with infinitives to state an opinion or to make subtle suggestions. It is important to tell the truth It is necessary to do your homework.

3 In Spanish To state an opinion or suggest that something should be done without indicating who should do it, use an impersonal expression plus an infinitive Es importante decir la verdad Es necesario hacer la tarea

4 Here’s how Impersonal expressions combine the ud /él/ella form of the verb ser with an adjective. The verb ser can be used in any tense. Es bueno Fue difícil Era fácil Va a ser importante

5 Add the infinitive to state your opinion
Es malo presentar información falsa It is bad to present false information Fue bueno entrevistar al director It was good to interview the director Era interesante escuchar las entrevistas It was interesting to listen to the interviews Va ser difícil cancelar la teletón It will be difficult to cancel the telethon

6 Translate these suggestions
It is good to colaborate It is important to watch the news broadcast It is possible to make changes It is necessary to work together It is not important to be creative

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