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Rotary T-E-A-C-H Mission Name National Committee Member.

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1 Rotary T-E-A-C-H Mission Name National Committee Member

2 Today's Agenda Opening Remarks Overview of Literacy in South Asia / India Initiatives of the Government of India Rotary’s vision (Kathmandu Declaration) Organizational Structure of Rotary TEACH Suggested committee structure at District level Discussions on T – E – A – C – H Level II (District level) training seminar Our Region’s Plan of Action –Our focus areas –Our targets / goals


4 Global Literacy Rates

5 South Asia Literacy Rates

6 Literacy Rates in India


8 Government of India Initiatives Operation Black Board –Started in the year 1987 –Focused on improving infrastructure in primary schools National Literacy Mission (NLM) –Started in the year 1988 –Focused on imparting functional literacy to non literates in the age group of 15-35 District Primary Education Program –Started in the year 1993 –Aimed at providing access to primary education for all –To reduce dropouts to less than 10%

9 Government of India Initiatives Sarva Siksha Abiyan (SSA) –Started in the year 2001 –Promote community ownership of the school program –Ensure all complete five years of schooling by 2007 Mid day meals –Started in the year 2001 –Recognized the connection between poverty, hunger and education Right to Education (RTE) –Started in the year 2009 –Mandatory for Governments to provide free and compulsory education


11 Rotary's Vision Towards a “Literate India” –Advocacy for Literacy by developing parternerships with Govt/ other NGOs –Harness Information Technology –Adopt Schools –Strive to Improve Quality of Education –Make Education inclusive by bringing marginalised sections/ children at risk to the mainstream

12 Organizational Structure Teacher Support Committee, Chair DEVANG THAKORE Teacher Support Committee, Chair DEVANG THAKORE ELearning Committee, Chair PRAMOD JEJURIKAR ELearning Committee, Chair PRAMOD JEJURIKAR Adult Literacy Committee, Chair TIKKU Adult Literacy Committee, Chair TIKKU Child Development Committee, Chair RAVI VADLAMANI Child Development Committee, Chair RAVI VADLAMANI Happy School Committee, Chair RAJA MICHAEL Happy School Committee, Chair RAJA MICHAEL Rotary Literacy Sub Committees National Committee Member I National Committee Members National Committee Member X National Committee Member I Executive Committee Members Chairman

13 The committee members South Asia Committee Chair PRIP Kalyan Banerjee South Asia Literacy ChairPRID Shekhar Mehta Co ChairPDG Kamal Sanghvi SecretaryPDG Anirudh Roy Chowdhury Executive Committee Web Master PDG Ashok Gupta PDG Ashok Panjwani PDG Pramod Jejurikar PDG Raja Michael PDG Ravi Vadlamani PDG Satyanarayan Lakkaraju PDG Sushil Khurana PDG Venkatesh A S PDG Vijay Jalan PDG Angsuman Bandyopadhyay

14 The committee members Think Tank Chair PDG Venkatesh A S Members PDG Gulam Vahanvathy PDG Raja Michael PDG Sunil Zacharia PDG Ramesh Chander PDG Sandeep Narang Resource PeopleTeam PDG Ashok Gupta PDG Ashok Panjwani PDG Ravi P V PDG sam Babu J

15 National Committee Members MemberDistricts Assigned PDG Ranjan Dhingra3010, 3070, 3080 and 3090 PDG Ashish Desai3051, 3052, 3053 and 3060 PDG Bansi Dhurandar3131, 3132 and 3140 PDG Pradeep Mukherjee3100, 3110 and 3120 PDG Sanjay Mishram3030, 3040 and 3261 PDG Debasish Mitra3240, 3250, 3262 and 3291 PDG Jawahar Vadlamani3020, 3150 and 3160 PDG Rajendra Rai3170, 3180 and 3190 PDG Raja Seenivasan3201, 3202 and 3230 PDG Asoka N2980, 3000, 3211 and 3212

16 District Level Structure District Rotary Literacy Committee Chair – three year term recommended Sub Committee Chair for each sub group of T-E-A-C-H –Three sub committee members for each sub group –Committee members could be on a staggering basis Appointments to be agreeable to DG, DGE and DGN


18 Rotary T-E-A-C-H Program Teacher Support E Learning Adult Literacy Child Development Happy Schools

19 Teacher Support Periodic evaluation and appraisal of teachers District / National Level recognitions - Standardized evaluation method –To include cash prizes –Recognised on our websites Trained Volunteers as teachers - Training modules to be available online - Volunteers to be tested before being deputed –Special emphasis on youth/ senior citizens/ spouses of rotarians

20 Teacher Support (contd..) Provision of contractual employment of volunteers Continuous Teacher training through E Learning

21 E Learning Establishment of E Learning Centers in schools Provision of E Learning kits in needy schools –Ensures fast and effective learning –Improves attendance at schools by making learning interesting and enjoyable –Reduces school drop out –Can help teachers learn new techniques –Very helpful in a single teacher school Idea is to supplement staff and not replace them

22 E Learning (Contd..) It acts as an Urban- Rural Leveller Development of Software for each state curriculum in local language and English to be Govt’s responsibility with Rotary’s advocacy Other cost such as projector/ power back up etc to be approx 30,000/- to be shared equally between National committee, Club and school

23 Adult Literacy Use of ‘E Learning’ module –introduced by TCS (available in 9 languages) Promotion of formation of ‘Self Education Groups’ Active participation of Rotarians, their Spouses, Rotaractors and Interactors as Volunteers. Use social media as a tool to enhance our objective of Adult Literacy Specialized training to housewives and girls living in slums and bastis, Promotion of Literacy amongst mothers

24 Adult Literacy (contd..) Functional Literacy through –Vocational training –Basic education in maths, business fundamentals, computer skills etc –Promote ‘Learning for Earning’ Working persons can benefit by Accelerated Learning modules

25 Child Development Special emphasis on overall inclusive growth - Children of prisoners - Children of sex workers - Children of migrant workers - Other children at Risk. Eradication of child labor and provision for proper education of the children liberalized from the clutches of “child labor”. Bringing the school dropouts back to school. Provision for scholarships to meritorious students

26 Child Development (Contd..) Equity in education for Differently abled children - Make use of provisions of RTE - Ensure amenities - Ensure teacher sensitivity - Ensure appropriate training for teachers

27 Happy Schools Clean Schools - Painted and well maintained school buildings. Benches & Desks for better student teacher interaction Clean and hygienic toilets for boys & girls. Ensuring clean and pure drinking water for both children and teachers. Facility of Library for the schools having children exceeding the count of 200. Provision of Uniform and footwear for every child. Well maintained space for teaching staff.

28 Happy Schools (Contd..) Clubs to identify schools which lack atleast 3 of the above requisites and provide them to make them ‘Happy Schools’ Dists / clubs to report their initial assessment as well as submit completion report

29 Subsequent Focus Computers Notebooks and stationeries Compound walls To ensure security and safety


31 Level II Training To be conducted at District Level on or before 31 st March 2014 –Under the direction of the DG –Guidance and support from NLCM Mandatory Participants –Club Presidents and Club RLC Chairs –Past District Governors and Assistant Governors Objective –To train and motivate the Club Leadership –To get the Clubs to set their goals Funding –National Committee would reimburse Rs. 300 for each attending mandatory participant where not less than 60% of the clubs participate

32 Project Funding National committee would share ideas and suggestions Districts/ clubs can consider TRF global grants Through schools (eg. Child for Child) Corporate funding through CSR (NLC will provide supporting materials)

33 Brand Ambassadors Chhavi Rajawat (first woman Sarpanch in India) Abhinav Bindra (Olympian)* Ravi Kishen (Bhojpuri actor) Amala Akkineni ( actress) Bikram Ghosh (musician) Usha Uthup (singer)* * confirmation awaited

34 Brand Ambassadors (contd..) Mrinal Kulkarni (Marathi actress) Shatrughan Sinha ( MP and actor)* Anand Kumar ( Educationalist) ( more will be added in the future. Districts can also provide suggestions and assistance to bring more celebrities as brand ambassadors ) * confirmation awaited

35 Recognition Top three performing DGs in each zone shall be recognised and awarded at the subsequent Institute

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