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REO AssetTracker REO Assistant Broker Role v1.0 MaximLogic LLC.

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1 REO AssetTracker REO Assistant Broker Role v1.0 MaximLogic LLC

2 Activities & Responsibilities The application is uniquely designed for use by multiple users working in REO office. System allows efficiently perform following REO assistants’ activities and responsibilities: Timely REO task completion and timeline management Property document management Property REO-status update Communication with vendor and utility companies Pending transaction activities: communication with buyer’s agents, loan officers, and Title companies REO billing and invoice management

3 Task Management ‘My Today Tasks’ screen Tasks are displayed by priority (due date) Tasks are property-status dependant Completed tasks are removed from screen within 24 hours System allows agent to add comments, reassign, or cancel task

4 Document Management All documents are sorted by property, title, and date they were entered to the system.

5 REO-Status Update Tasks and Task Templates are REO-status related. Change in Property status automatically initiates new pre-defined set of Tasks and responsibilities.

6 Vendor Communication Vendor and utility company contact information is uniquely integrated into property profile. REO assistant can easily access vendor website, send email, or process invoices.

7 Pending Transaction Activities Property ‘Sale Details’ section gives REO assistant simple and centralized access to buyer, buyer’s agent, loan officer, and title company information.

8 REO Related Billing Application makes REO invoice and bill management extremely convenient for REO assistant. All billing related information: copies of invoices, reimbursement checks, supporting photos, property utilities status etc. can be found in property billing profile.

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