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Farm Equipment Sector 0 Management or Supp rt to the Powerol service teams information systems.

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1 Farm Equipment Sector 0 Management or Supp rt to the Powerol service teams information systems.

2 Farm Equipment Sector Mission of Suvidha portal ……….., Processing of Installation & Commissioning service coupons & management of respective data. Complaint Management system. AMC (Claim) Management Warranty operation Free service coupons systems Spare part Ordering & Inventory Management Effective Reports Bulletin & Manuals / Circulars 1

3 Farm Equipment Sector For Effective Use of Portal  All the details of the Profile( Contact & Taxation details) must be updated.  Availability of authorizations to all required modules.  Please ensure all your population data is available with your MAGIEC ID.  All the population fields like Site ID, Customer Name, Site Address, KVA, Model etc must be updated completely.  All the AMC (With Mahindra) Engines must be enrolled on portal.  All the current spare part inventory must be updated on portal.  If Directly ordering spare part from mahindra, Update timely receipt of the spare parts (GRN) Maintain all the local / OEM parts (With Prizing In Inventory) Update inventory for any Out word & In word. 2 For effective usage of portal, First ensure ……. Following

4 Farm Equipment Sector WEB Portal FAQ 3 Frequently Asked Questions…  Commissioning punched but Engine not showing in population data. Though Commissioning is punched by specific MAGIEC, Engine may get shifted to other MAGIECS population but Commissioning MAGIEC will remain same.  Not receiving E mail alert of Call logged by Customer Connect Team ( Call Center ) Please check & Update contact details through profile Menu.  Engine showing Invalid while punching commissioning OR Closing Complaint In following two scenarios engine no. showing invalid, 1.Engine with other MAGIEC population – Raise support request & take approval From CCM. 2.Engine not Installed & commissioned–Enter Installation & Commissioning Service. 3.Engine Serial number not available for commissioning – Send Mail With Scan copy of scratch / photo of engine serial number & After creation of engine raise commissioning details.  Transfer of population data from One MAGIEC To another For few engines as & when required raise support request & take CCMs approval

5 Farm Equipment Sector 4  Transfer of Total population data from One MAGIEC To another (New MAGIEC) Send mail to IT Contact centre with desired changes in given format. After data shifting confirmation, please download data from portal & validate again. WEB Portal FAQ Frequently Asked Questions…  RETAIL Customer name is not reflecting in portal. While raising commissioning service please update customer name & address field (Change OEM name & address to respective customer name & address) To Modify commissioned engines data please send all the population with required customer name in one go only to Itcontactcentre.  How to update Model, KVA rating, Cluster Plot No/ Apartment No, Street Name, District, Distance of Site from Nearest MAGIECs Location, State? Please go to Search / List DG population go to “Modify” option & Edit these fields.  What to do if Customer Type needs to be update/ modify? Send mail to Itcontractcentre.  How to upload old engine in population? If engine is in Other MAGIEC pop add support request If engine not available on portal send serial number scratch / Photo scan to IT.

6 Farm Equipment Sector Commitment required from MAGIEC  Please educate customer to raise complaint calls through Toll Free NO – 18004191999 for retail.  For corporate calls please divert calls through regional call centre's.  please educate customer, he should call us for complaint registration with his Engine serial or Site ID.  Please Register Regular calls or regularize manual calls as early as possible for better tracking of complaint  Daily monitoring of calls on portal – Update all the information on real time. (Call Registration & Closure).  All Open calls should be get closed in same day. 5

7 Farm Equipment Sector Escalation Matrix 1. For Training & Frequently required help first get in touch with your CCM. 2. For any bug or error, Or second level support please send mail to ITCOTACTCENTRE on itcontactcenter 3. While writing mail to Itcontactcenter please ensure following, Mention Subject clearly. In Signature please write your Magiec code. Please write issue in details instead of just screen shot to get better understanding of the issue. 4. If not received solution in 1 day please escalate the issue to following contact details, Vidya Redekar – Prathamesh Surve- surve.prathamesh@mahindra.comsurve.prathamesh@mahindra.com6

8 Farm Equipment Sector 7 Thank You!

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