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Telecom Service Overview

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1 Telecom Service Overview
DGs under AMC Annual FSRs (nos) Field Technicians Service Dealers F06 4500 62,775 200 70+ 100,000+ 837,000 X3 3800+ 192+ F12

2 Concerns in Present System
Delays in getting details & FSRs from Pan India Network. Hugh Manual Paper work. Present GAPs in FSR Quality Incomplete and inconclusive Service details Missing Spares & consumables. Site faults / discrepancies not captured. Important aspect of DG values / condition not captured. Illegible writing Customer representative’s signatures illegible / forged etc..

3 eFSR Mission  Customer Satisfaction
1. Fast Response Rise Alternate Thinking 2. Better Field Service Quality 3. Effective Tracking 4. Qualitative Analysis 5. Authentication & Validation 6. Sustainability

4 eFSR –Innovative IT Tool

5 Application Details Android based Mobile application
Simple user interface – User only to select Radio button / Dropdown menu. Available in 14 Local language. Users/Customer’s signature to be taken directly on the touch screen. Remarks are text fields but if technician want to enter remarks in local language then he can enter the same directly with the touch screen. For report & analysis portal interface is provided.

6 POWEROLSUVIDHA Infrastructure
MAGIEC Customer M&M

7 eFSR Module Schedule / Plan Generation Attending Site & eFSR
Data . captured on M&M Server . Reports / Analysis Sharing With Customers Service recording through Mobile

8 Faster Response Through Reduction is processing time
Real Time Data Updation- After Submission, eFSR report & is getting updated on Mahindra PORTAL within 10 Sec. Analysis Reports are readily available on Mahindra portal. Critical Time Fields are getting captured through eFRS Site Attended Time (Efsr Opening time) eFSR save Time (Mobile) eFSR Submit time (Submitted On Server)

9 Better Quality Of FSR Report
Reports are system generated hence Report quality is constant & Uniform. In eFSR Following Fields are available with Pictures for validation, Site Hour Meter Oil Leakage Fuel Leakage Condition of Radiator Radiator Cap Battery availability Automation Functional Safety Connection DG internal / External Cleanliness Customer representative Photograph

10 Better Quality Of FSR Report
In eFSR following fields are available to validate service, Site Attended – Date & time eFSR save Time eFSR Submitted Time. MAGIEC representative Name, Mobile Number & Signature Along with remarks Customer representatives Name, Mobile Number & Signature along with remarks LAT. LOG. Information – Location from Where eFSR is captured in Mobile Spare part picture Designation of Customer representative.

11 Key Differentiators Develop & implement solution for DG set management : e FSR Captures Service Quality – Report is shared with Customer for the discrepancies observed like DG w/o battery, Safety failure, PIU time high, radiator cap missing etc. Sample report for Bharti Infratel - Bihar is appended below:

12 Key Differentiators Develop & implement solution for DG set management : e FSR RESULT / IMPACT are under Observation for last 3 Months

13 Qualitative Authentication & Validation
LAT – LOG Site Attended Timings DG Hour Meter. Component Picture Service Authentication – Before submission of eFSR we are capturing Customer representative Designation, Name, Mobile number & Signature along with remark.

14 9229319199 Future……. SMS Based Complaint Registration
Time Bound Escalation SMS & Auto Mails For Complaint alert, Escalation & Closure information. Complaint ticket reopening Facility If customer is not satisfied. Complaint closure directly through site by eFSR submission.

15 Comp. Registration on Portal.
eCONNECT Data Submitted To Suvidha Portal Text SMS to Acknowledgement SMS with Ticket Number Closure confirmation Plane Pre-Formatted Complaint SMS or e-CONNECT mobile application No call centre Involved – System Generated Complaint registration & response to customer Status Updation Call Closure – Directly from customer site. (Mobile Device) After Submission of eFSR for respective Engine – Call will get closed. Complaint closure Comp. Registration on Portal. Time Bound Auto escalations – MAIL & SMS in case of Failure in Closure e- COMPLAINT 15

16 Key Differentiators e Connect - Complaint Management Effects:
Pilot Launch at Haryana Circle on 26th Nov’12 SLA Tracking through e Complaint Management is appended below: Launch Plan in Rajasthan, Gujarat & UP West in 29thJan’13

17 Thank You!

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