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New Zealand Rugby Union Level 2 Theory Examination 2014 Pre-exam theory Monday 7 th July 2014.

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1 New Zealand Rugby Union Level 2 Theory Examination 2014 Pre-exam theory Monday 7 th July 2014

2 New Zealand Rugby Union - Theory exam Topics  Level 1 exam – most often incorrect revisited  Exam techniques/Examples  Level 2 details

3 Level 1 Theory Exam 2014 11.At a kick in general play a team-mate ahead of the kicker remains stationary 5 metres from an opponent waiting to catch the ball. The offside player waits until the kicker runs past before advancing. What should the referee rule? a. Play continues b. Scrum c. Free Kick d. Penalty kick11.4a 13.In a ruck formed 2 metres from the goal line the defenders have control of the ball and are pushed back into in-goal. A defender intentionally falls on the ball on the goal line. Should the referee award a penalty try?16.6 and 22.5a

4 Level 1 Theory Exam 2014 20.At a scrum the ball goes straight through the tunnel and comes out behind a prop on the far side without having being played. What should the referee rule? a.Play continues b.Reset the scrum c.Free kick d.Penalty kick20.7c 41.An attacker jumps and catches the ball from a defenders kick before it crosses the plane of the touch line. This player lands with one foot on the touch-line. Which team throws the ball into the lineout? a.Attackers b.Defenders19 Defn p5 & 8

5 Level 1 Theory Exam 2014 43.What is the correct binding for a flanker before the ball has emerged from the scrum? a.The whole arm from the hand to shoulder b.The forearm from the elbow to hand c.A hand placed on and gripping the lock20.3 defn and 20.3f 60.An attacker is tackled near the goal-line and the ball is released. An attacker arriving from behind toes the ball over the goal-line. A tackler, who remains on the ground in the field of play, reaches across and grounds the ball.What should the referee rule? a.Scrum b.Free kick c.Penalty kick d.Penalty try e.Touch down15.6a Exception

6 Level 1 Theory Exam 2014 62.At a tackle, an opponent who has not gone to ground is knocked over by a arriving team-mate and lands on the ground near the ball. Should the referee penalise this player?15.7c 71.The referee awards a penalty try. May the defenders charge the conversion?22.4i 95.At a lineout the opposing hooker stands ten metres back from the lineout and no other player is in the position between the touch line and the 5 metres. What should the referee rule? a.Play continues b.Free kick c.Penalty kick19.8j

7 Level 1 Theory Exam 2014 99.At a penalty the kicker’s team contrive a further infringement from the opponents. Does the referee move the mark 10 metres upfield?21.9 56. A drop-out is taken quickly before all the defenders have retired behind the kicker. A retiring defender turns and tackles the opponent catching the ball. What should the referee rule? a.Re-kick b.Penalty kick c.Scrum at the centre of the 22-metre line d.Play continues13.16 (b)

8 Exam Technique - Suggestions  Do questions you find easiest first to help build your confidence. (If you don’t answer within a minute move on…but come back later).  Mark more difficult questions and come back to them  “Pick before peeking”. Cover up possible answers (hand, paper) while you read the question.  Try to anticipate the answer before being distracted by the options  If you see the answer you anticipated circle it  Then check others for a better responseSee Example 3

9 Exam Technique - Suggestions  If you change your mind about an answer alter it but only after careful consideration. First answers are usually correct. Trust your instincts!  Identify key words  Circle or underline to narrow down the questionSee Example 6  “Always”, “never”, “every” are often wrong as they need to be indisputable fact.See Example 5

10 Exam Technique - Suggestions  Be careful of negatives: “Which of these is not…. “All of these except….. Create the equivalent into a positiveSee Example 1  Read all of the alternatives, even if you know the first one is correct. There might be a better answer further on. See Examples 2 and 4  If you don’t know the answer take a calculated guess. Eliminate answers you know are wrong

11 Exam Technique - Suggestions  If you don’t see the answer you expect:  “All of the above” is often a correct response if you can’t verify that more than one might be right.  “None of the above” is usually incorrect  Always guess – but try and eliminate some options.  If all else fails choose b or c. (Examiners feel the correct answer is “hidden” better if it’s surrounded by distractions!)

12 Exam Technique - Suggestions At end: Make sure you’ve attempted all questions Never leave until you’ve checked your exam Think your answer is wrong? Should you change it? Studies have shown that they usually change to the wrong answer! Afterwards – No post mortems. Likely to depress yourself.

13 Level 2 - Other considerations  Always apply DSLV – know who these apply to (below U20)  Assume no Advantage (unless otherwise stated)  AR/TJ – know the different duties  LO – PK or FK?  Mostly FK except off-sides and foul play  Scrum – PK or FK?  Mostly PK. Perhaps learn exceptions?  Learn Definitions (p4 – 9) in IRB Law Book  Attackers = in other team’s half/Defenders = in their own half  Playing time/Actual time  “Oversteps” (for example off-side line)

14 Level 2 - Suggested revision  Learn the IRB Law Book (IRB 2013)  Learn 2013 IRB Law Amendment Trials (LAT) in back of Law Book  Read/learn the DSLV and Amendments (ARRA website “Laws”)  Complete IRB on-line test (  Complete at least past Level 2 papers (on ARRA web-site)  Read IRB “Clarifications in Law” (  No time limit on exam

15 Law Level 2 Exam  Official sitting  Sent to NZRU for marking  Receive NZRU certificate (if you pass)  Eligibility:  Must have passed Level I in last 2 years or  Must have passed Level II in last 5 years  Unofficial sitting  Marked by ARRA


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