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Mr. Tom Bonnano Learning Standards Branch Head 24 FEBRUARY 2015

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1 Mr. Tom Bonnano Learning Standards Branch Head 24 FEBRUARY 2015
NETC N74 Update to AIM FRB Mr. Tom Bonnano Learning Standards Branch Head 24 FEBRUARY 2015

2 Overview State of AIM “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in reverse order NAVEDTRA policy/process documents NETC N7 policy/process for migration of data from AIM I/II to CPM/LO Module Functional Requirements Document (FRD) AIM in classified environment User account management (Deana Broadway) Releases and configuration management

3 State of AIM The Ugly Governance – “Lacking or outdated”
Policies are out of date Administrative management of NAVEDTRAs “slow and unresponsive” Changes to the system happen faster than policy document updates Program Management - “Less than Optimal” - N74 top offender Functional Requirement Documents not properly reviewed (rubber stamped) Work plan ill-defined -100’s of ACRs still in progress Little or no configuration control Requirements – “ Poorly defined” Requirements come from many sources No clear vision for desired end state No Process to prioritize requirements (Last FRB for example)

4 State of AIM The Bad Personnel turnover negative impacts
NETC (Functional Lead & PM changes) NAWCTSD (PM changes) Unrealistic goals and objectives NETCINST convert all curriculum by OCT 2016 Government Acceptance Testing Random / lack of consistency Who can we get to do this? Major outstanding goals & objectives No single central repository No solution for classified content Funding is always a challenge

5 State of AIM The Good Policy and Governance Rewritten
SOP signed and serves as policy document to use system NETC goals E2E NAVEDTRAS Configuration Control Board (CCB) Review & Prioritization of all ACRs Review of Policy Documents Review of Deliverables from contractor Charter Board makeup GAT assignments

6 State of AIM The Good Budget
POR budget commences 1 Oct 2015 Training Instruction updated with migration plan Migration CNATT, SWOS, CSFE currently underway Migration Training 1 year to conduct training 2 years to migrate to CPM/LOM Course reengineering (E2E process) Full blown course revision Center plans (Living document) User Account Management Centralization

7 NETC Governance NAVEDTRA Task Based Curriculum Development Manual Largest percent of NETC content built using Tasked Based approach NAVEDTRA 131- Personal Performance Profile Based Curriculum Development Manual Typically used for Systems/Equipment Training Change Transmittals NAVEDTRA Navy School Testing Program Management Manual Provides guidance on test creation, analysis, min. grade requirements March 2015 – LC review NAVEDTRA Human Performance Requirements Review Manual Provides guidance on HPRR policy and process 1/27/15 – LC comments being adjudicated. NAVEDTRA Navy Instructor Manual Supplement to NIT course and aids in Master Training Specialist Qualification NAVEDTRA Navy School Management Manual Defines Learning Center roles and responsibilities, Formal Course Reviews etc.

8 NETC Governance NAVEDTRA 135 - Navy School Management Manual
Defines Learning Center roles and responsibilities, Formal Course Reviews and etc NAVEDTRA Integrated Learning Environment Course Development and Maintenance Provides guidance on Computer based training and Interactive courseware development NAVEDTRA Job Duty Task Analysis Manual Provides guidance on Structuring, Decomposing and ascribing Attributes to work NAVEDTRA 138- Front End Analysis Management Manual Establish a process that will identify a training requirement gap, appropriate media types, and media delivery modes to satisfy new training requirements or improve performance of existing training NAVEDTRA 140-Training Support Management Manual Outlines the NETC requirement for infrastructure, training, and student management support for all NETC training activities.) NETCINST B - Curriculum Re-engineering NETC DD/SA & LC Chop NETC E2E Instruction – in draft Requirements/resource sponsor review 26 FEB 15

9 NETC N7 Policy for Conversion
JDTA completed for migration/re-engineering Training to be developed by the contractor. Ready 1 Oct 15 1 year to train on migration expected completion 30 Sep 16 2 years to complete migration expected completion 30 Sep 18 Migration is NOT Course Reengineering

10 AIM Functional Requirements Document (FRD)
Under Construction

11 Training (Should be NETC Courses)
AIM I/II & CPM/LOM Norfolk and San Diego E2E NETC Process Migration Module Added to E2E Available via SAKAI Pre-requisites – Lets adhere to them!

12 AIM Classified Environment
2, 326 Courses 30% - SIPR - Central Repository 3% - NSA NET - High Side DISCUSSION

13 User Account Management
Understanding the differences between account processes CPM Account Process CITRIX Account Process AIM I & II Validation of Users Government Project Managers Account Management Feedback LSO Roles and Responsibilities CPM Manager Roles and Responsibilities Training for Managers

14 Releases and Configuration Management
Configuration Control Board Government Acceptance Testing (GAT) Assignments Make up of Board Charter Releases Goal is for quarterly to semi-annual releases to allow sufficient time for testing Production Do we need a development environment to do testing prior to releases?

15 NETC N74 Questions?

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