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Blocks II and III – Monday, March 17,2014

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1 Blocks II and III – Monday, March 17,2014
Chapter 11 Test Review Test Schedules: Blocks II and III – Monday, March 17,2014 Block V – Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 CH11.L1 The Byzantine Empire
Religious leader who supported the use of icons when there was a dispute over its use in the 8th century The pope The body of Roman civil law collected and organized by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian around A.D. 534 Justinian Code Emperor who thought icons were forms of idol worship Leo III

3 CH11.L1 The Byzantine Empire
2 individuals who created the Cyrillic alphabet Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius 4 works of the Justinian Code Code; Digest; Institutes; Novellae Reason the Nika Rebellion was started by the Hippodrome fans against the government Fans felt the officials were too harsh in putting down a previous riot of Hippodrome fans

4 CH11.L2 The Russian Empire Vladimir’s son; Kievan Russian ruler who strategically married off his daughters & sisters to build trading alliances Yaroslav the Wise Name of the Mongol Empire in Russia Khanate of the Golden Horde Result of Moscow coming under control of Mongol rule It grew in wealth & power

5 CH11.L2 The Russian Empire Leadership title created by Ivan III
Czar religion Vladimir converted to Orthodox Christianity Yaroslav’s decision to divide this state in Russia amongst his sons caused its decline Kiev T or F? Ivan I used land purchases as one of his strategies to enlarge the Russian territory True

6 CH11.L2 The Russian Empire T or F? Invasions were one of the causes of Kievan Russia’s decline, just like the Byzantine Empire. True T or F? Russians under Mongol rule gained power by fighting against their rulers False

7 CH11.L3 Turkish Empires Rise in Anatolia
T or F? The mamelukes under Abbasid rule gained power by fighting with their rulers. True The Turks admired the Persians for this, which made their bond strong Learning (education) What was the title used for Seljuk leaders? Shah Who was the last, capable leader of the Seljuks? Malik Shah

8 CH11.L3 Turkish Empires Rise in Anatolia
Religion the Seljuks converted to Islam Turkish military slaves are called? Mamelukes

9 Extended Response Questions (You will answer 2 of the 4)
What problems led to the downfall of the Byzantine empire? Think about: Empire’s population Empire’s enemies Role of diplomacy in the empire What effects did Mongol rule have on Russia? Role of the Church Russia’s relationship with Western Europe The effect on Moscow

10 Extended Response Questions (2 of 4)
Was Yaroslav the Wise truly a wise ruler? Why or why not? Yaroslav’s diplomacy Yaroslav’s accomplishments Yaroslav’s legacy Did the Abbasids make the right decision to train the mamelukes and rely on them heavily? Why or why not? The mamelukes’ skills The Abbasid empire The rise of the Seljuks

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