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Early Russian History.

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1 Early Russian History

2 Themes in Russian History
Expansion by conquest. Need for warm-water ports. The necessity of a strong, central government.

3 Kievan Rus Begun by invasion of Viking tribes – also known as Slavs – from north of the Baltic. Both trade partner and sometime enemy of the Byzantine Empire.

4 Kievan Rus During Roman times, the Slavs expanded into southern Russia. Like the Germanic peoples who pushed into western Europe, the Slavs had a simple political organization divided into clans. They lived in small villages, farmed, and traded along the rivers that ran between the Baltic and the Black seas. In the 700s and 800s, the Vikings steered their long ships out of Scandinavia. These expert sailors were as much at home on Russian rivers as on the stormy Atlantic. The Vikings, called Varangians by later Russians, worked their way south along the rivers, trading with and collecting tribute from the Slavs. They also conducted a thriving trade with Constantinople. Located at the heart of this vital trade network was the city of Kiev. In time, it would become the center of the first Russian state.

5 Viking Invasions

6 Kievan Rus

7 Rulers of the Kievan Rus Vladimir I (980)
(980) Vladimir I – Extremely war-like ruler of Kiev. Invited missionaries from Judaism, Islam and Christianity to offer reasons for conversion. Married the Byzantine emperor’s sister. Brought Christianity and Greco-Roman civilization to Russia.

8 Rulers of the Kievan Rus Yaroslav I (1010 – 1054)
Created a Russian law code based on Justinian’s Code. Instituted a Golden Age of Kievan Russia. Built churches and a new capital city. Allied Russia with the rest of Europe by marrying his children to European rulers.

9 Early Byzantine Influences: Orthodox Christianity
Expansion of Byzantine culture northward was through conversion of Kiev to Orthodox Christianity

10 Early Byzantine Influences: Orthodox Christianity
Religious artifacts included churches, icons, and liturgical music as expressed in Byzantine culture

11 Influenced by Byzantine Politics
Russia adopted the concept of divinely inspired monarchy with close relations to state-controlled church Were unable to adopt the Byzantine trained bureaucracy however

12 Early Byzantine Influences: Cyrillic Alphabet
Byzantine missionaries, Cyril and Methodius sent to convert eastern Europe and the Balkans created the script

13 Battle on the Ice (Neva River) Against the Swedes
Alexander Nevsky: Battle on the Ice (Neva River) Against the Swedes Teutonic Knight

14 Russian Expansion

15 The Mongols Invade Russia
Tartars conquered Russian cities during the 13th century and left Russian church and aristocracy intact, as long as tribute was paid.

16 “Third Rome” Russians re-emerged after Mongol control ended in the 15th century and claimed to be the successors of the Roman and Byzantine states Moscow was considered to be the “Third Rome”

17 Rulers of the Kievan Rus Ivan the Great (1462-1505)
( ) Ivan III or Ivan the Great – absolute ruler. Took the title of czar Czar – Absolute ruler of Russia: from Roman word – Caesar Defeated the Mongols, who had gained control of Russia Extended Russian territory

18 Byzantine Influence on Russia
Kiev  small Viking state on Dnieper River River provided easy access to sea  promotes trade and cultural diffusion Lays foundations for modern Russia

19 Byzantine Influence on Russia
Olga, Vladimir, & Conversion to Christianity Princess Olga visits Constantinople in 957 and converts to Christianity Vladimir Olga’s grandson Decides his realm should adopt an official religion Commissions a report on the three major religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Adopts Christianity Baptizes all citizens of Kiev in the Dnieper River Imports teachers from the Byzantine Empire

20 Byzantine Influence on Russia
Government Autocracy Czar (Tsar)

21 Byzantine Influence on Russia
Architecture Onion Dome

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