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World War II Webquest. Causes of World War II Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits.

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1 World War II Webquest

2 Causes of World War II Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits

3 Introduction  The WebQuest will explore the multiple causes for World War II from the perspective of key policies, leaders, and early events leading to war. The lead-up to the war was fueled by strict dictators and worldwide depression. The WebQuest will explore how these elements led the world into total war once again.

4  World War I, the Great Depression, and the rise of dictators around the world -- we have now reached the moment in history when World War II begins. How did we get from a world of post-war destruction and economic crisis to a world yet again engulfed in violence and battles? This WebQuest will guide you through an exploration of the major causes of World War II, the key leaders that led throughout the war, and the key events that brought the world into war. Use the WebQuest guide provided in the "Task" section of this website to follow through the process, step-by-step, gathering information that will lead you from the end of World War I to September 3, 1939, the day World War II begins. Introduction

5 Task  This WebQuest is designed to provide an introduction to World War II. We have discussed the major events and outcomes of World War I and explored how that war affected the world after its conclusion. With the completion of the test on the Interwar Period and a foundational understanding of world politics as they stand in 1939, we can begin to learn how the world was launched into another world war after such efforts were taken to avoid that very thing.

6 Task  The WebQuest will walk you through the details of how each of the following events, policies, and leaders contributed to the start of World War II. Before you begin your research, click on the link below "WebQuest Product." This link will open a Microsoft Word document that includes an outline for your final product. The outline follows the structure of the WebQuest as you go in order from Task 1 to Task 2 to Task 3. Fill this outline in as you research and when completed, print the document to the lab printer. This will be the product you turn in as your completed assignment.

7 Task  Find this link below now and open it. Once you have opened it, type your name into the space for it on the document -- do not forget this!! If you do not put your name on it, I cannot go by handwriting to determine whose is whose. Let's get started!  Document: Webquest Guide Document: Webquest Guide

8 Process  Main Causes of World War II Use the links from each cause to follow to the website that will describe the details of each event or policy and how it contributed to the start of World War II. Remember to fill in your answers on the Word Document that outlines the activity for you!  Treaty of Versailles Treaty of Versailles  Worldwide depression Worldwide depression  Totalitarian governments – Germany Germany – Japan Japan – Italy Italy – Soviet Union Soviet Union

9 Process  Expansionist policies Expansionist policies  Policy of appeasement Policy of appeasement  Continued German aggression:  Breaking the Treaty of Versailles Breaking the Treaty of Versailles  Threatening the peace of Europe Threatening the peace of Europe

10 Process  Leaders of World War II For the first eight leaders, use the link from to follow to a biography on each leader that will describe basic facts about the leader and their involvement in World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry Truman Dwight D. Eisenhower Douglas MacArthur Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Hirohito

11 Process  Key Events Leading Up to World War II  Click on the following link to the "Eight Steps to World War II." On this website, the following eight key events are described briefly. Use this site to complete the first part of the "Key Events" portion of the WebQuest guide.Eight Steps to World War II

12 Process  Once you are done with that part, follow the links below for each individual event to complete the questions in the WebQuest guide on this information.  Saar plebiscite Saar plebiscite  Conscription and re-armament Conscription and re-armament  Rhineland Rhineland  Austria Austria  Munich Munich  Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia  USSR/Nazi Pact USSR/Nazi Pact  Poland Poland

13 Process  For the last two leaders, use the link provided for a biography on each leader that will describe basic facts about the leader and their involvement in World War II  George Marshall pandeAMEX105.html pandeAMEX105.html  Hideki Tojo /Tojo-Hideki /Tojo-Hideki

14 Evaluation  Once you have completed all the parts of the "process" section of the WebQuest, complete the final question in the WebQuest guide individually. Print your completed product to the computer lab printer, making sure your NAME is on it and turn in to Mr. Lane. The guide will be graded on completion and accuracy of answers. The final question will be evaluated for creativity and detailed support.

15 Conclusion  By now, you have reached the end of your WebQuest guide. Locate the final question: Imagine you are living in Germany in 1939. Your sister immigrated to the United States four years ago. When she left, she asked you to keep her informed about everything going on in Germany. Write a letter to your sister in America about political life in Germany in 1939 -- be sure to include at least two major causes for the war supported by examples of recent events that illustrate those causes and two key political leaders. Be sure to explain what each event means! Remember, she hasn't been to Germany in four years. She doesn't know what's going on there. Your letter will be evaluated based on creativity and accuracy of information.

16 Credits  Permissions We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is granted for others to use and modify this WebQuest for educational, non- commercial purposes as long as the original authorship is credited. The modified WebQuest may be shared only under the same conditions. See the Creative Commons Attribution Non- Commercial Share-Alike license for details.Attribution Non- Commercial Share-Alike

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