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Key Events of WWII A Quick Review of the Big Picture.

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1 Key Events of WWII A Quick Review of the Big Picture

2 Question #1 Name 4 main Causes of WWII…

3 4 Causes 1.Treaty of Versailles 2.Global Depression 3.Rise of Totalitarianism 4.Appeasement/Isolationism 5.Invasion of Poland

4 Question #2 Name 4 main Allied Powers Name 3 main Axis Powers

5 Allies – Great Britain – France – Soviet Union – United States Other Axis nations: Hungary Hungary Romania Romania Bulgaria BulgariaCo-belligerents San Marino San Marino Finland Finland Iraq Iraq Thailand Thailand Other Allied nations: Australia Australia Belgium Belgium Brazil Brazil Canada Canada China China Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Ethiopia Ethiopia Greece Greece India India Mexico Mexico Netherlands Netherlands New Zealand New Zealand Norway Norway Philippines Philippines Poland Poland South Africa South Africa Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Axis and Allies Axis – Germany – Italy – Japan

6 Question #3 Name 4 Allied Leaders Name 4 Axis Leaders

7 Leaders Allied – Winston Churchill – Charles DeGaulle – Joseph Stalin – F.D.R. – Truman – Chang kai Shek Axis – Adolf Hitler – Benito Mussolini – Emperor Hirohito – Hideki Tojo

8 Question #4 What was the battle of Stalingrad and why was it important?

9 Battle of Stalingrad Failed German invasion of Russia. Major Turning point in the War in Europe.

10 Question #5 What was the name given to the Allied invasion of France on June 6, 1944?

11 D-Day

12 Question #6 What was the Holocaust and why is it significant?

13 The Holocaust

14 Question #7 How did the war in the Pacific end?

15 Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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