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By: Hannah Taylor Makaila Beach

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1 By: Hannah Taylor Makaila Beach
Photosynthesis By: Hannah Taylor Makaila Beach

2 The Process of Photosynthesis
First, CO2 enters through the leaves of the plant.

3 Process of Photosynthesis(continued)
Second, H2O enters through the roots

4 Process of Photosynthesis (continued)
Third, sunlight causes a chemical change.

5 Process of Photosynthesis (continued)
Fourth, the plant makes food (glucose sugar).

6 Process of Photosynthesis (continued)
Fifth, oxygen is released.

7 Formula of Photosynthesis
The formula of photosynthesis is: 6CO2+6H20~LIGHT~=C6****H12****O6+6O2 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

8 Plant Respiration Uses Food- During plant respiration, the plant uses the food it makes (C6 H12 06) Occurs In the Dark as Well as Light- Plant Respiration

9 D I A G R A M This represents the process of plant respiration. This shows where all of the foods are stored. This is where the sugar produced by photosynthesis is stored This is where the sugar produces by photosynthesis Water from photosynthesis is stored in the roots.

10 The Process of Plant Respiration
The plant takes the food and sugar from photosynthesis to grow more leaves and produce more food. C6H12O6+6O2~ATP~6CO2+6H2O Energy

11 The Process of Respiration

12 Vocabulary and Photosynthesis Terms
H2O= Water C2O= Carbon Dioxide 6CO2= 6 molecules of carbon dioxide 6H20= 6 molecules of water C6= 6 carbons H12= 12 hydrogen 06= 6 oxygen 6O2= 6 molecules of oxygen.

13 Games

14 Bibliography Ms. Gaines’s science class

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