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Integrated Science Photosynthesis Created by :Reynaldo Thomas.

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1 Integrated Science Photosynthesis Created by :Reynaldo Thomas

2 Photosynthesis This is the process by which plants make their own food. water The raw materials are water carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide obtained from the air. The energy from sun light is use to Split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. Sunlight also help to convert Carbon dioxide and water to glucose.

3 Stages of Photosynthesis Light reaction stage This occurs when the light energy from the sun is taken in by chlorophyll in chloroplasts. This energy splits the water in to hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen passes out of the plant as a waste product.

4 Dark reaction This is where the hydrogen combines with the carbon dioxide to produce the sugar.

5 How plant leaves help photosynthesis They are thin and flat which increase it surface area. Leaf absorbed light energy. Surfaces of the leaves contain tiny pores called (sing,,,stoma) stomata (sing,,,stoma) Carbon dioxide diffuse Carbon dioxide diffuse from the atmosphere from the atmosphere through the pores. through the pores.

6  Oxygen produced will diffuse out.  Plants use some of the sugars they make for respiration.  Most sugars are converted to starch.  Starch is stored in the leaves stem and root.

7 Importance of Photosynthesis  It provides an energy source that can be used by other living organisms.  It maintain the correct balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  To provide food for the growing human population.

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