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Vimśottari Daśā Nava Tārā and Special Nakṣatra, Their mapping in D-Charts, Navāṁśa We study the application of Vimśottari daśā in D-Charts Effect of the.

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Presentation on theme: "Vimśottari Daśā Nava Tārā and Special Nakṣatra, Their mapping in D-Charts, Navāṁśa We study the application of Vimśottari daśā in D-Charts Effect of the."— Presentation transcript:

1 Vimśottari Daśā Nava Tārā and Special Nakṣatra, Their mapping in D-Charts, Navāṁśa We study the application of Vimśottari daśā in D-Charts Effect of the environment on individual Sixteen manifestations are ṣoḍaśa varga

2 Prayer ॐ नमः प्रणवार्थाय शुद्ध-ग़्यानैकमूर्तये। निर्मलाय प्रशान्ताय दक्षिणामूर्तये नमः॥ om namaḥ praṇavārthāya śuddha- ġyānaikamūrtaye | nirmalāya praśāntāya dakṣiṇāmūrtaye namaḥ | निधये सर्वविद्यानाम् भिषजे भवरोगिनाम्। गुरवे सर्वलोकानाम् दक्षिणामूर्तये नमः॥ nidhaye sarvavidyānām bhiṣaje bhavaroginām gurave sarvalokānām dakṣiṇāmūrtaye namaḥ |

3 Naksatra Jiva Jiva informs “Why we are alive”  Karma that must manifest Rahu in Punarvasu  Jupiter is Jiva Jupiter in Revati  Mercury is Jiva Mercury in Purva Phalguni  Venus is Jiva Ketu in Purva Asadha  Venus is Jiva Venus in Pusya  Saturn is jiva CHANDRAKALA NADI If the lords of the 6 th and 8 th bhava conjoin in the 5 th [or 9 th ], then the native teaches veda or vedanga in a foreign language, in foreign lands AL AL8

4 Ṣoḍaśa Varga ♥Physical PlaneHigher Consciousness 1D1RāśiD16Ṣoḍaśāṁśa 2D2HorāD20Viṁśāṁśa 3D3DrekkāṇaD24Siddhāṁśa 4D4TuryāṁśaD27Bhāṁśa 5D7SaptāṁśaD30Triṁśāṁśa 6D9NavāṁśaD40Khavedāṁśa 7D10DasāṁśaD45Akṣavedāṁśa 8D12DvādaśāṁśaD60Ṣaṣṭhyaṁśa 8 D-Charts at Physical Consciousness + 8 D-Charts in higher consciousness

5 Nava Tārā 1Janmaजन्मbirth, longevity 2Sampat↓सम्पत्roam about, hasten towards, meet, come together 2ASampad↑सम्पद्wealth, values, concord, agreement, attain, acquisition, possess, enjoy, advantage, benefit, blessing 3Vipat ⇊विपत्misfortune, calamity, be divided, separated, strike down 3AVipad ☹विपद्to come between, intervene, prevent, hinder, fail, miscarry, perish, destroy, kill 4Kṣema क्षेमsafety, tranquillity, peace, rest, security, comfort, joy 5Pratyak प्रत्यक्left, abandoned 5APratyari प्रत्यरिwell-matched opponent, always opposing 6Sādhakaसाधकperfect, energize, useful, advantage, adept, worshipper 7Naidhanaनैधनdeath, perish, deadly, funereal, kṣaya (vanish) 8Mitraमित्रfriend, creditor, gives time 9Parama Mitraपरम मित्रremotest, chief, best, most excellent Multiple Use  Example: 3 rd & 7 th month of pregnancy are dangerous; 5 th can also cause miscarriage as the baby is abandoned by womb

6 Janma Tārā The 27 constellations are studied in various groups including group of 9 stars called nava-tārā Janma Tārā: Moon nakṣatra at birth = Nature of the mind, root impulse; 1 st Nakṣatra of Current Cycle of nava-tārā = Self Definition Karma Tārā: 10 th nakṣatra = 1 st nakṣatra of Next Cycle of nava-tārā = Outer World Ādhāna Tārā: 19 th nakṣatra = 1 st nakṣatra of Previous Cycle of nava- tārā = Creation, Inner World i.e. Family Janma Tārā SELF Karma Tārā OUTER WORLD Ādhāna Tārā FAMILY SELF OUTER WORLD INNER WORLD

7 D9 Mapping The mind maps the nava tārā chakra into the Rāśi D1, Navāṁśa D9 and Ṣaṣṭiāṁśa D60 Charts This mapping causes the houses to have “Original Definitions” and meanings The mapping is considered “strict” for the Navāṁśa only The navāṁśa controls the Vimśottari daśā karma manifestation Ṣaṣṭiāṁśa gives the seed for the daśā based on nava-tārā

8 Ramakrishna Paramhaṅsa Janma: Jup Daśā: Libra in D1 has SatR in 9H, Death of Father Saṁpat: Sat Daśā: Scorpio in D1 has Ketu in 10H; 1852 To Kolkata, 1855 Dakshineswar Temple built, Joins elder brother as helper, 1856 Brother dies, is appointed chief priest; 1859 Marriage to Śāradā Devī; 1861-63 Bhairavi Brahmani; 1865 Totapuri, Lineage; 1866 Islam; Vipat: Mer Daśā: D9 - Sun in Sg; D1 - Jup in AL dṛṣṭi Sg, Ve dṛṣ Sg 1868 Pilgrimage; 1870 Pilgrimage; 1872 Śāradā Devī arrives at Dakshineswar, separate quarters; 1874 Christianity; 1876-81 Many disciples; 1881 Dec Narendra (Vivekananda); 1884 breaks arm Kṣema: Ketu Daśā: D9 - Rāhu AK in Cp; D1 - Ma in 12H in Cp dṛṣ Ra 1885 Develops Cancer; 1886 Jan saffron clothes to 12 disciples; 1886 Aug 15, Emancipation JANMA Ju Daśā SAMPAT Sa Daśā VIPAT Me Daśā KṢEMA Ke Daśā PRATYAK Ve Daśā SĀDHAKA Su Daśā NAIDHANA Mo Daśā MITRA Ma Daśā PARAMA Ra Daśā AK

9 Sir Winston Churchill Kṣema: Mo Daśā: D9 - Mo in Pi; D1 - 10H, Siṁhāsana Yoga start 1904 Conservative  Liberal; 1905 Under Secretary for Colonies; 1908 President of Board of Trade; marries Clementine Hozier; 1910 Home Secretary; 1911 First Lord of the Admiralty Naidhana: Ju Daśā: D9 - Me in 3H (Vipat); D1 - Lag (fame), Ma 1939 Britain declares war on Germany; First Lord of the Admiralty; 1940 Prime Minister; Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz; 1941 Russia enters WWII; Japanese attack Pearl Harbour; Britain declares war on Japan; Germany and Italy declare war of the USA; 1942 Japanese vistories; Churchill meets Stalin and Roosevelt; 1943 Germans out of North Africa; Sicily and Italy invasion; 1944 D-Day; 1945 Victory in Europe; Churchill defeated in election! Japan surrenders; 1946 "Iron Curtain" speech in Missouri; 1951 Prime minister again; 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature Mitra: Sa Daśā: D9 – Ke + Ju (parivartana Ve AK ) 1955 Resigns as Prime Minister; 1964 Leaves the House of Commons; 1965 Jan 24 - Death JANMA Ke Daśā SAMPAT Ve Daśā VIPAT Su Daśā KṢEMA Mo Daśā PRATYAK Ma Daśā SĀDHAKA Ra Daśā NAIDHANA Ju Daśā MITRA Sa Daśā PARAMA Me Daśā AK

10 Mahatma Gandhi Life’s Chief Karmic Direction: 10L Mo in 10H + Pi Navāṁśa = 4H; 4 th Daśā = Sun, 1899-1905; Attitude  Moon in 4H in Pi (One world family) Moon Daśā: D9, 5H with Ketu (freedom) D1: Ke (2L) ↔ Sa (4L & 5L) = Emancipation, Country, Power to People Moon daśā: Satyagraha (1906) Sat 2H = asat  reversed to satya (Parivartana effect) Ketu 4H = grahaṇa  reversed to āgraha JANMA Me Daśā SAMPAT Ke Daśā VIPAT Ve Daśā KṢEMA Su Daśā PRATYAK Mo Daśā SĀDHAKA Ma Daśā NAIDHANA Ra Daśā MITRA Ju Daśā PARAMA Sa Daśā Cn is 10H in D1 and 10L Mo is in 10H with 5L Rāhu = Rājayoga AK Jup AK is also Kārakāṁśa Lord  Death Jup Daśā

11 D9 Special Mapping Just as the nava tārā, the special nakṣatra also get mapped into the bhāva Of special import is the mapping into the navāṁśa and ṣaṣṭiāṁśa charts as they define the destiny Examples 4 th House plays a decisive role in marriage due to the sañgaṭika nakṣatra mapping into it Conception chart dictum: 7 th house from janma lagna is the ādhāna lagna 12 th house decides foreign residence or otherwise 6 th house is the penance (sādhanā) of the Sādhaka and the final result (Samudāyika)

12 Incomplete About 40 slides were prepared to show the detailed working of Vimsottari Dasa for Drekkana -- Siblings Navamsa – Spouse Saptamsa – Children (exact birth) Dvadasamsa -- Parents Dasamsa – Work These will be completed in a future workshop

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