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World War II Test Review.

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1 World War II Test Review

2 What is the policy of appeasment? Who used it and why did they use it?
Appeasement – giving in to potential enemies in the hope of Keeping peace It was used by the Western Powers in the hopes that Hitler would not continue to be aggressive

3 During his aggressive acts, Hitler violated what agreement from 1919?
The Treaty of Versailles

4 Where is World War II fought?
Europe Pacific (Asia, North America) Africa

5 List the acts of aggression that eventually led to World War II (in order)
Hitler rebuilds his the German military Hitler occupies the Rhineland Germany and Austria unify Hitler invades the Sudetenland Hitler invades the rest of Czechoslovakia Hitler invades Poland War Begins

6 Who is Rosie the Riveter?
A factitious character used in propaganda to promote the idea that woman could do the same work as men The slogan under the cartoon stated “YES WE CAN” This became a symbol for women during and after WWII

7 Define Anschluss. The union of Germany and Austria

8 Who were the Axis Powers?
Germany Italy Japan

9 Who declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland?
France Britain September 3, 1939

10 What was the Manhattan Project?
The plan and creation of the Atomic bomb

11 What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact and why was is signed?
An agreement between Hitler and Stalin Both side wanted Poland under their control but were not yet prepared to fight each other over it. The agreement stated that neither side would attack any other sovereign state Hitler breaks the agreement by attacking Poland

12 Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Munich Pact?
Neville Chamberlain

13 How were Chamberlain and Churchill different?
Chamberlain appeased Hitler Chamberlain declared “Peace of our time” after the Munich Pact Wanted to avoid warfare at all cost Churchill ridiculed Chamberlain for appeasing Hitler Churchill believed you had to fight Hitler to stop him Churchill was correct!

14 The Following are Battles, Summarize each with importance and outcome

15 Battle of the Bulge German offensive and Allied counter offensive
Enormous casualties for each side Allies hold off Germans and are victorious Allies will now advance into Germany The beginning of the End

16 Battle of Britain During Operation Sea Lion
Hitler used the Blitz on London and other major cities – 57 straight days Britain survives the Blitz and Germany does not take the country Morale boost for the British people

17 Battle of Midway Battle in the Pacific Theater
Naval Battle facing off the U.S. and Japan Decisive victory for the Allies

18 D-Day The largest planned amphibian invasion of world history
Allies invade occupied France through the beaches of Normandy Large casualty numbers Allies win the beaches and begin the process of taking back Paris

19 Battle of Stalingrad German offensive
Hitler wants to take the name sake of the Soviet leader, but more important wants the resources (oil) that fill the land around Stalingrad. The Soviet troops use “General Winter” to hold off the Germans Soviets begin to push the Germans back out of the Soviet Union

20 Dunkirk French and British troops surrounded by Germans at Dunkirk
The British Navy and private ships come to the aid and rescue over 300,000 troops. Although it was an allied defeat it did boost the morale saving so many lives

21 Battle of El Alamein North African campaign
The Germans were attempting to reach Egypt in order to gain access to the suez canal for control of the oil trade from the Middle East The Axis were lead by the desert fox, Erwin Rommel Concludes with the allies being victorious and pushing the Axis forces back

22 What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki important?
These were the two Japanese cities on which the Atomic Bomb was dropped

23 What is V-E Day May 8, 1945 Germany surrenders after the death of Hitler Victory in Europe is declared

24 Define Luftwaffe The German airforce

25 Define Blitzkrieg The German style of attack used on Poland, France, Britain, etc. Means lightning war Fast and hard attack meant to make you want to surrender early

26 How does total war lead to an Allied victory
The Allies are able to out produce the Axis, resulting in the victory The reason the Allies are able to out produce is due in large part to their propaganda and ability to motivate ALL people to do their part in the war

27 Name the locations of World War II.
Europe, Africa, Pacific Ocean, Asia (Japan, Pacific Islands, Middle East)

28 List the causes of World War II
The failed policy of appeasement The failure of the league of nations The aggressive acts of Hitler The blame placed of Germany by the Treaty of Versailles

29 President Truman had to make one of the most difficult decisions of human history. What was it?
He had to decide if the United States should invade Japan on land or drop the newly invented atomic bomb

30 Who led the world in production in the beginning of the War
Who led the world in production in the beginning of the War? Who led in the end? Beginning = Germany End = United States

31 Why was it a problem to have German troops in the Rhineland?
This was a direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles

32 Who were the Big Three Churchill – Great Britain
Roosevelt – United States Stalin - USSR

33 Where was Fascism started?

34 Can you label this map?











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