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Channels By: Ryssa Asuncion Chance Kamaka Chance Kamaka Joshua Ramelb Joshua Ramelb Daisge Smith Daisge Smith

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1 Channels By: Ryssa Asuncion Chance Kamaka Chance Kamaka Joshua Ramelb Joshua Ramelb Daisge Smith Daisge Smith

2 Research Question Where are the oldest channels on Mars located? Our research question is important because scientist could study those certain areas and possibly find the answer to what really caused those channels to form. Our question is also interesting because finding out how the channels were formed could lead us to determine whether or not water had been on Mars, meaning there may have been a chance for life to exist on Mars.

3 Hypothesis If water existed on Mars, then the oldest channels could be located near the poles because that’s where the water might exist and that’s what could have created the oldest channels.

4 Background Information Channels may have been formed by catastrophic forms of water. Water may exist two layers beneath the surface of mars under carbon dioxide. Most channels are overlapped by other craters. (preserved/modified craters) Most channels don’t overlap any other feature.

5 Methods Spacecraft NASA’s Mars Odyssey Camera THEMIS Camera Image Type Visible Images- to see details within the crater MOLA- to see context of image/depth Geologic Features Studied -Channels overlapping features -Features overlapping channels -Location Geographic Regions We Focused on North and South Poles

6 Methods Continue… Sample Size 80 THEMIS images used to gather data. Categories of data to be collected and “Why” Image ID number- keep track of the specific image analyzed. Latitude/Longitude- Keep track of locations and their proximity MISC. Data- To record any other interesting information not warranted by our necessary data categories but certainly important to our study. Measurement Rough estimation relative to image parameters based on THEMI Camera’s visible image range 18km. Channels Overlap- See if channels are older Features Overlap- See if features are older.


8 THEMIS Image ID Longitude (E/W) Latitude (N/S) Features Overlaps Channel OverlapsMisc. Observations V24347005111.69-37.82 XModified crater overlapping channel V33261001315.17-27.62 Preserved and modified craters/ wind streaks V27503002151.31-6.49Channels V27499020245.4244.76 XPreserved craters V27422018306.4243.07 XModified craters/ Valley Networks V2997601151.4132.59 XModified craters V2781701268.7730.35Destroyed/Modified craters V296410097.7841.08 XModified/Preserved craters V29582013269.5838.31Modified/Preserved craters V27191029126.9419.05 XDestroyed/Modified/Preserved craters V27135029302.6319.92 Destroyed/Preserved craters/ Lava flows V29333007251.8628.62Preserved craters V2922800743.00140.41Modified craters/ Valley Networks V2901501066.5730.43Preserved craters DATA ANALYSIS

9 V28907010304.3242.61 XModified craters V26904027126.8219.11 X Destroyed/Modified/Preserved craters V26929033125.8120.75 X X Destroyed/Preserved craters/ Lavaflows V26404028151.90321.203 XModified craters V25999020314.079.91 X XDestroyed/Modified craters V2582300415.96-22.19 X Modified craters/ Valley Networks V07993006268.61-42.49 X Channel gets deeper towards top of picture V07985022116.911.77 X X Channel gets deeper towards top of picture V07742002309.301-28.96 XModified Craters V07731018242.455.01 XModified Craters V07617003314.44-27.34 X XModified/Destroyed Crater V06997003193.001-36.89Destroyed Crater V07009001210.401-13.52 XChannel is Old/Big V06996004221.79-37.01 XPreserved/Modified Craters V06586002165.19-40.55 XDestroyed Channel

10 V06986001154.96-4.0002Modified Channel V06909004208.57-49.34Young Channel V06312021126.7719.49 XValley Networks V06335017183.0216.02 XChannel is covered with dust V05948001209.57-6.007 X XChannel is very young V06138001105.0120.88 X XDestroyed Channel V05907006287.3524.85 XChannel is very big V05898001211.66-4.72 XChannel is extremely young V0589101231.10339.57 XChannel is big and old V05900001154.07-3.89 XPreserved Channel V05883010257.8713.52 XPreserved Channel

11 V0113800730130.9XXwhite channel V012490022.5-12.1XXmodified craters V01265009240.946.4XXcenteal peak V01063003324.8-26.9XXshadows V01013003326.9-26XXcenteral peak V01113003322.3-29.6XXdestroyed craters V01028006231.618.2XXchannels all over V0098500629.70.04XXdestroyed craters V01131003161.3-41XXdestroyed craters V01138003321.4-29.3XCraters V03701003208.3-8.1XX different crater overlapping V2680401560.426.76X destroyed craters overlap V29082010295.7443.79X lots of preserved craters

12 V28488003150.8532.55Xzigzag shaped V01202006256.4738.2Xlots of cones V26902032184.9922.41Xpreserved craters overlapping V0113100373.78-41.2Xdestroyed craters overlap V02657004329.17-26.88Xmostly destroyed craters V05144009230.48.6Xlots of craters growing over V05110017154.7613.51Xpreserved craters overlapping V0146100388.489.39Xoverlaps destroyed craters V0235700189.28-5.26Xpreserved craters overlapping V27030040127.240.71Xlots of preserved craters V27478024305.2420.02Xoverlapping destroyed craters V3003001146.7243.61Xpreserve craters overlap V2828301558.115.46Xpreserve craters overlap V29190012140.9633.08Xmodified overlapped V2674001311.68-40.59Xoverlaps caldera

13 V28992007152.0140.47XXpreserved overlapped V2932401036.9632.39Xcones overlapping V27606022132.8836.21Xpreserved overlaps

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