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Living on other planets! By Elektra S-T For Mrs. Gow

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1 Living on other planets! By Elektra S-T For Mrs. Gow http://

2 Earth Earth is the only planet in our solar system that can inhabit humans. Every other planet has something just off what is on earth. Earths atmosphere is getting thinner everyday with increasing height. It is the main component of life on earth. I think that if we all save power and reduce our green house gases we will not have to move to another planet.

3 What do humans need to live on another planet? No One said that humans couldn’t live on another planet just that there is no other planets but earth, in our solar system that humans can survive on. Humans need the basic elements of life such as Oxygen (at the perfect pressure), Water, Food, medicine and the right temperature. Those few things will keep you alive but will not provide you with a comfortable life. For that you will need, a way to dispose human waste( high tech toilet) and rubbish, fruit and vegetable gardens (brought from Earth), water recycling and filtering plants, food dispensers, houses, and a way to get around. We would also need a way to remove our dead. If we were to live on another planet we would have to be vegans or find a way to transport millions of animals to our new planet. If we did that the animals would use up heaps of our oxygen and our crops. There is no way in my life time that humans would move planets.

4 Space Food Scientist all over the world are developing plants that can survive and produce food in space. This will increase our chances of surviving on another planet. Some scientists are even looking at growing plants without any soil. This would make living on any planet (even earth) easier.

5 Mars Humans can not live on mars unless scientists find a way to stabilise the gravity, thicken the atmosphere and balance temperatures. Mars is too cold for humans to survive about -153 degrees Celsius at the poles. Mars’ atmosphere is nearly all carbon dioxide so you would need a way of storing oxygen. After Earth Mars is the planet that is most suitable for humans to live on. Terrestrial

6 Saturn We cannot live on Saturn because it is a gas giant which means there is no surface to stand on. You would fall straight through but by the time you get to the other side the pressure would kill you. The air on Saturn is not breathable because it has huge amounts of methane and ammonia in it which is deadly to humans. Weather on Saturn is severe, winds blow at about 1609 kilometres an hour. The temperature on Saturn is - 184’C. Saturn will never inhabit humans. Gas Giant

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