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Alexandria University

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1 Alexandria University
Dr. Khaled El-Saadany Executive Manager of Grants| Innovation | Technology Transfer Center Focal Point of Erasmus Mundus –Alexandria University


3 Alexandria University
ROLES Euro- mediterranean African Countries Arab Region International Alexandria University

4 Alexandria University
Facts & Numbers Alexandria University was established in 1942 Undergraduate students post-Graduate students   Foreigner Students ,581 Degree programs  over 700 Number of staff member  9,475  Number of supporting staff   2,704 Number of employees ,450  Number of Faculty/ Institute 22 Number of branches 

5 Thematic Areas of Research
Renewable Energy & Water Desalination Water Management and Resources Food Industry & Biotechnology Information and Communication Technology Liver diseases Clinical trials Bioequivalence testing of Pharmaceutical Products Dialogue between cultures Preservation of national heritage Nanotechnology

6 Alexandria University Faculties and Institutions:
Faculty of Arts Faculty of Law Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Science Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Agriculture Faculty of Agriculture (SabaBasha) Faculty of Education Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty of Sport Education for Men Faculty of Physical Education for Girls Faculty of Specific Education Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Kindergarten High Institute of Public Health Medical Research Institute Institute of Graduate Studies and Rsearch (IGSR) Alexandria University Faculties and Institutions:

7 Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language
This center was established by Alexandria University in 1985, at the Faculty of Arts at Alexandria University. TAFL receives students from all over the world, and has signed co-operation agreements with many universities in the USA, Spain, France, Russia, Germany and UK The center has two programs one of them for the beginners and the other for the professionals. TAFL offers a unique experience for students; they will be given the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the language as it is used by its native speakers.  For more information please visit:

8 Alexandria University Ranking


10 2010


12 2011 THE World University Rankings




16 Who coordinates Erasmus Mundus in Alexandria University?

17 Grants, Innovation & Technology Transfer Center
International Student Office (ISO) consider as a part from GITTC (Grants | Innovation | Technology Transfer Center) GITTC was founded in 2009 with the spirit and mixture of young and senior experienced innovative people GITTC is organized into 5 business units, which complement each other: Technology Transfer and Industry Collaborative Office (TTICO) Intellectual Properties Right Office (IPRO) Grants & Outreach Office (GOO) Entrepreneurship Office (EO) International Student Office (ISO)

18 What ISO doing for you? The International Students Office (ISO) serves the International students who study in Alexandria University. The ISO provides the following services: Provides technical supports and advising services to international students who are coming for full-time study , exchange programs, and scholars regarding their study, research and immigration status in Egypt. Organize orientation programs for international students/staff. Assist international students in their accommodation, legal documents required for the admission ,……….etc Pick-up services from the Airport

19 Our services Libraries Health Insurance and clinics
Arabic Language Courses for Foreigners University Hostel

20 Alexandria University
Orientation week for new international students Identification card of AU Communications Banking


22 Our Responsibility Regular follow up for the international students to solve their problems, guide and coaching them through : Face to face meeting (weekly) Facilitator Phone calls, s

23 Live in Alexandria 33 Hotels 1130 Restaurants 3 Mega Mall
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Stanly Bridge Historical Mosque Old City Warm beach Qaitbey Citadel was built in the 1480s by Sultan Qaitbey  Montaza Park (Royal park) North Coast

24 Projects at Alexandria University

25 Total No. of Projects: 53 Total Fund: 4,884,802 € 2,252,560 €
561,380 € 14649 € 708,100€ 48,150 € 483,971 € 50,000 € 19,992 € 40,000 € 502,000 € 180,000 € 24,000 € Total No. of Projects: 53 Total Fund: 4,884,802 €

26 Distribution of projects by sectors (Project funded by international fund)


28 Internationalization
Alexandria University is member of the Management Board and the Senate of the Euro Mediterranean University (EMUNI) in Slovenia Member of the Union of Arab Universities, Union of African Universities, Union of Francophone Universities.

29 For more Information: Dr. Khaled ElSaadany Tel/Fax:

30 Thank You

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