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1 University of Gothenburg 2015-04-19Institution enhet avdelning | Namn

2 University of Gothenburg 8 faculties – 57 departments The Sahlgrenska Academy – pharmacy, medicine, odontology and health care sciences The Faculty of Science The Faculty of Arts The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts The Faculty of Social Sciences School of Business, Economics and Law The Faculty of Education The IT University 2015-04-19Institution enhet avdelning | Namn

3 Students 50,000 students 24,755 full-time students 126 programmes 4,035 courses Distance courses and Web courses 4,752 completed degrees in 2006 Some of Sweden´s most popular programs; Psychology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Nursing 2015-04-19Institution enhet avdelning | Namn

4 Research Wide-ranging and successful research Strong research profiles Arvid Carlsson – Nobel Prize winner in 2000 2,228 research students in 2007 221 new research students in 2007 274 new PhDs in 2006 56 new Licentiate degrees in 2007 2015-04-19Institution enhet avdelning | Namn

5 Postgraduate studies Some examples: 40% of all environment-related research in Sweden is carried out in Gothenburg The Swedish Centre for Public Sector Research and the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research At the forefront of research on the link between the economy and the environment The Institute of Odontology is ranked second most advanced in the world Leading medicine research at the Sahlgrenska Academy 2015-04-19Institution enhet avdelning | Namn

6 enhet avdelning | Namn Supporting the Public Sector, Trade and Industry Commercial law & intellectual property Research funding Commissioned research Commissioned education Regional & industrial collaboration Innovation & business ideas Degree projects and work placements

7 enhet avdelning | Namn Popular Science Concerts, Public Lectures, Exhibitions The Science Festival in May every year University Television Radio Programme productions Public Lectures at Wettergren´s Bookshop Jonsered´s Country Estate Open lectures in outlying districts Cooperation with Organisations, Trade and Industry

8 enhet avdelning | Namn History in short 1891 Göteborgs högskola 1949 Medical College 1954 University of Gothenburg was founded through a merger of these two establishments 1967 The Faculty of Odontology 1971 The school of Business, Economics and Law became part of Göteborg University 1977 A large number of previously independent teaching institutions were incorporated into the University 2001 The Sahlgrenska Academy and the IT University

9 enhet avdelning | Namn Strategic profile Midtown – midstream Open minds, open doors Many disciplines in creative interaction Where research and education meet Committed to a sustainable society A major European university

10 enhet avdelning | Namn International profile 2 300 long-term international contacts Cooperation within the EES with Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands etc. Participation in a number of international exchange programmes 470 Erasmus agreements More than 280 courses in English for exchange students Cooperation outside the EES with United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia etc.

11 enhet avdelning | Namn Environmental profile Sweden’s first and only environmentally certified university – environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS Almost 40% of all environment-related research in Sweden is carried out in Gothenburg At the forefront of research on the link between the economy and the environment Environmental research in an accessible manner –

12 enhet avdelning | Namn University staff 5 286 employees (57% women, 43% men) 4 713 full-time employees, of which 2 499 are teachers/researchers/post-graduate students 457 professors 1 757 technical/administrative staff

13 enhet avdelning | Namn Facts for the 2007 Financial Year Income SEK 4,491 million total income SEK 3,080 million state grants SEK 1,410 million from external funding State grants 67% Fees and remuneration 10% Contributions 22% Financial revenues 1%

14 enhet avdelning | Namn Expenditure 2007 Total of SEK 4,400 million, of which SEK 2,524 million i spent on personell costs and SEK 600 million on premises Personell costs 56% Premises 14% Other operative expenses 25% Capital costs 5%

15 enhet avdelning | Namn Interdisciplinary research Cooperation between faculties: CEFOS – research on the public sector Museion – the department that connects the university with the Museum of World Culture National centre for mathematics education NORDICOM – Nordic media research Centre for interdisciplinary research on mobility disabilities CFK – centre for consumer research Centre for Work science Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research The Department for Food, Health and Environment Culture and Health EpiLife – mental and physical health interacting over the lifecourse

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