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University of Debrecen

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1 University of Debrecen

476 years of tradition Reformed (Calvinist) College 1538 Hungarian Royal University 1912 theology – law – humanities – medical school education on the faculties 1914 - Agricultural University of Debrecen - Lajos Kossuth University - Medical University of Debrecen University of Debrecen 2000



5 Life Science Building and Library

6 The New Clinical Center

7 Faculty of Informatics

8 FACULTIES Agricultural, Economical and Sport Sciences:
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management  Faculty of Economics and Business Medical and Health Sciences: Faculty of Medicine  Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Health Faculty of Public Health

9 FACULTIES Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Informatics, Law, Science, Engineering: Faculty of Law Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty of Childcare and Adult Education  Faculty of Informatics Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science and Technology Faculty of Music

10 HEALTH CARE University and health care system have outstanding infrastructure.

11 RESEARCH INSTITUTES Research Institutes are also have good infrastructural background and outstanding researher staff.

12 30000 students 12 fields of education 14 faculties 25 doctoral schools

13 EDUCATION 68 BSc programs 77 MSc programs 4 undivided programs
144 specializations 25 PhD schools

14 EXCELLENCE Research University R University of National Excellence

15 SCIENCE 197 professors 30 academics (members of the HAS) 15 research groups of HAS University and National Library

16 SCIENCE Teaching staff: 1415 Professors: 197 Academics: 30
Doctor Honoris Causa, Andrew V. Schally Nobel-prize Univ. of Miami (2012) Teaching staff: 1415 PhD 1031 (75%) Professors: 197 Academics: 30 Employees: 4671 Research fellows: 210

3741 international students from 87 countries (12%) 45 degree programs in English 300 Erasmus connections 310 partners, contracts other international cooperative links

Country – Number of Students: Afghanistan 2, Lebanon 1, Algeria 1, Libya 2, Arab Emirates 2, Macedonia 1, Australia 1, Malaysia 2, Austria 3, Mauritania 2, Azerbaijan 6, Mauritius 13, Bangladesh 1, Peru 1, Belgium 1, Myanmar 1, Brasil 58, Namibia 1, Camerun 28, Netherlands 6, Mongolia 2, Canada 35, Nigeria 520, China 108, Norway 92, Cyprus 66, Pakistan 6, Croatia 1, Czech Republic 1, Poland 12, Denmark 2, Republic of Korea 91, Egypt 3, Romania 461, Ethiopia 6, Russia 11, Finland 4, Saudi Arabia 140, France 32, Serbia 11, Gambia 1, Sierra Leone 1, Germany 37, Singapore 1, Ghana 23, Slovakia 106, Great Britain 190, Spain 14, Greece 11, Sri Lanka 2, Iceland 110, Sudan 4, India 20, Sweden 106, Iran 278, Switzerland 1, Ireland 6, Syria 14, Israel 264, Taiwan 17, Italy 7, Thailand 1, Japan 63, Togo 1, Jemen 2, Turkey 215, Jordan 7, U.S.A.45, Kazakhstan 7, Uganda 7, Kenya 7, Ukraine 224, Latvia 1, Vietnam 123   Total:3741

19 UD AND DEBRECEN Debrecen – tradition and modernity
the „Calvinist Rome” culture sport health and wellness schools, jobs, industries, public safety


Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences and Environmental Management

22 HISTORY 1868 Debrecen National School of Agriculture
Secondary School of Agriculture Royal Hungarian Academy of Agriculture Hungarian Agricultural University Agricultural Academy of Debrecen Agricultural College Agricultural University of Debrecen 2000- University of Debrecen, Faculty of Agriculture in the Centre of Agricultural Sciences 2010 – Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management

1832 students 3 doctoral schools 16 professors Full time tutors: 74 Full time researchers: 7 Full time workers: 28 The Faculty has 2 quality approvements: ISO 9001 and ISO It is unique in the Hungarian higher education.

24 INSTITUTES Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Sciences
Institute of Animal Science, Biotechnology and Nature Conservation Institute of Food Science Institute of Land Utilisation, Technology and Regional Development Institute of Crop Sciences Institute of Horticulture Institute of Plant Protection Institute of Water and Environmental Management Central Laboratory

25 TRAINING PROGRAMS Master courses Bachelor courses
Agricultural science in Hungarian and English Animal husbandry Crop production Environmental management in Hun, English Food science in Hungarian and English Game management Horticulture Nature protection management Doctoral schools Jenő Hankóczy – crop production and horticulture Kálmán Kerpely – interdisciplinary agriculture and regional sciences Master courses Agricultural science in Hungarian and English Animal husbandry in Hungarian and English Animal nutrition Crop production Environmental Management in Hungarian and English Food safety and quality Horticulture Nature Protection Management Plant Protection in Hungarian and English

26 RESEARCH WORK - research in animal husbandry, nutrition, biotechnology, proteomics - agricultural chemistry and soil science - food science, agricultural product quality, quality assurance, microbiology - adaptation to climate and weather changing in horticultural production - land utilization, regional development - crop sciences - water and environmental management Here I present only the main research fields at the Faculty. And on the next slides you can see research topics for each fields. PhD students’ topics are also belong to these mentioned fields.

27 Thank you for your attention!

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