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E-soft Billing Pvt. Ltd. iSoftSwitch Next Generation VoIP Switch.

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1 E-soft Billing Pvt. Ltd. iSoftSwitch Next Generation VoIP Switch

2 iSoftSwitch make your business profitable Lower Investment Cost High Maintain Cost – Multiple Server Save Extra Billing Cost Wholesale & Retail with a Single Platform Stay Secured avoiding Crack version Multiple Tools

3 Comparative Cost Analysis TypeOriginal VersionCrack version VoIP Switch2500$1000$ VOS Switch7000$3000$ Itel Switch5000$ - Gplex Switch1200$Setup charge + monthly - iSoft Switch2500$ -

4 Lower Investment Cost

5 High Maintain Cost– Multiple Server Windows Server=250$ Linux for Mobile dialer=US$500 Total Monthly Costings:750$-950$ Save from only server US$450-700 per month. Save from only server 5500-8500$ yearly. You will be billionaire soon!!!!

6 Profit Maximizer Then again 1000$ extra expense. For VPS, you have to purchase a separate billing, like Core 4 VoIP. Save Extra Billing Cost You will get billing solution free with iSoftSwitch

7 Wholesale & Retail with a Single Platform iiSoftSwitch will give you the freedom of unlimited calls. VPS is mostly used for Retail. VPS unable to handle more than 500 calls. Now a days, VOS is using for wholesale business.  It’s time to think beyond boundaries.

8 Multiple Tools PC 2 Phone Billing Invoice Management Mass mailing Software Accounting software These tools may cost around 2500-3000$, which you are getting absolutely free with iSoftSwitch.

9 Confirm Your Security First Due to Crack Version, you may loose- A huge amount($$), Many of important data, Potential customer information iSoftSwitch, itself an integrated secured solution, with Linux operating system. Get Highest Flexibility, stability and Security.

10 Expand Business Opportunities:  IP-PBX  Fax Services  Call Center 1.Corporate Customer:  Inbound Call Handle  Audio/ Video Conferences  Voicemail  Outbound  Follow-me

11 Expand Business Opportunities(2) 2. General Subscriber:  Call Forward  Call Block/Screening  Custom Ringtone  Music MP3 Server  Video Call  Voicemail  Mobility  Call-Return  Follow Me Internal Users: Cost Saving with above features for internal Users.

12 Advance features: Dynamic Provision(Customer/Reseller/wholesaler/provider Dynamic Routing Real time Call Debug Profit Protection

13 Strengthen Business  It’s time to adopt a new class of solution.  Most Innovative technology  Authentic Business Partner in VoIP world.


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