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Filipe Fortes Ankur Kothari Jenn Matvya Amanda Pyles 4.27.2000 Legality of Undergraduate MP3 usage.

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1 Filipe Fortes Ankur Kothari Jenn Matvya Amanda Pyles 4.27.2000 Legality of Undergraduate MP3 usage

2 Questions of Interest What percentage of undergraduates use MP3s? –How many of those use them illegally? Do undergraduates of different majors use MP3s differently? How does MP3 use affect CD purchases?

3 Legality of MP3s According the a Court of Appeals ruling, MP3 usage is only illegal if: –The original music owner copies their copyrighted music to MP3 format and sells or gives copies away, or uses the MP3s for commercial purposes. –Someone uses and/or distributes MP3s for which they do not own the original CDs.

4 Background and Design Target Population –CMU Undergraduates (4991) Sampled Population –Andrew UserIDs with Undergraduate affiliation Frame –All UserIDs belonging to those with Undergraduate affiliation

5 Background and Design (cont.) Target Sample Size –180 (Margin of error ~7.2%) Sampling Plan –Simple Random Sampling Mode of Administration –Online Surveys. One initial email, plus two rounds of email follow-up and a phone follow-up (in progress)

6 Questionnaire Development Questionnaire was administered to 15 friends for pilot testing Some wording was ambiguous Added “No Response” as an option to all questions Other slight technical modifications

7 Questionnaire Administered over the web Results stored into a database –Names stored separately –Data stored with no reference to individual respondents –Users were not allowed to fill out the survey multiple times, or without the correct passcode for their UserID Project Questionnaire This survey is being conducted by Filipe Fortes, Ankur Kothari, Jenn Matvya, and Amanda Pyles as part of a required project for 36-203, Sampling, Surveys, and Society. All Responses will be kept strictly confidential. We will do everything in our power to keep your answers confidential. The data gathered is for statistical purposes only, no individual data will be published. Filipe FortesAnkur KothariJenn MatvyaAmanda Pyles36-203, Sampling, Surveys, and Society If you choose not to participate in this survey, we will attempt contact you for a personal interview. If you object to participating in our survey, you may fill out our opt-out form where we merely ask you to indicate why you do not wish to participate, and will not contact you in the future.opt-out form If you do choose to participate in our survey, we will remove your name from the list of people to contact personally. We ensure your confidentiality by storing your Response separately from your identification number, so that we have no way to correlate Responses to individuals. If you do not wish to answer to a question, please choose the "No Response" option. Please email me when the results of this survey are published. Comments? Questions?

8 Expected Returns Expected a final response rate of 50% –High opt-out rates because of sensitive topic Expected low return rates for web- based survey

9 Survey Implementation First email sent out 8pm, 4.10.00 –Received 79 responses (44%) within 36 hours –5 opt-outs First email follow up sent out 12:30pm, 4.16.00 –Received 22 responses (23%) within 24 hours –5 additional opt-outs

10 Survey Implementation (cont.) Second email follow up sent out 11:00pm, 4.20.00 –Received 12 responses (17%) –1 additional opt-out Preliminary Phone follow up –Received 9 responses (16%) –3 additional opt-outs –Most respondents not home

11 Survey Implementation (cont.)

12 Current response rate –122 responded (67.8%) –14 opt-outs (7.8%) –No contact from 44 (24.4%) Current Margin of Error: 8.8%

13 Hypothesis and Expected Results Most undergraduates that use MP3s use them illegally Males will be more likely to engage in illegal behavior People with MP3s will often not buy those CDs On-campus students will be more likely to engage in illegal behavior

14 Illegal behavior index Wanted to measure how many illegal activities each respondent committed –Based on answers to seven of the questions –Index ranged from 0 (no illegal behavior) to 7 (illegal behavior on all counts)

15 Results and Statistical Analyses Out of 122 sampled, 118 have used MP3s –82 of the 118 (69%) have used MP3s illegally in some way (a non-zero score on the index) Males are more likely to engage in illegal behavior –p <.001; Male average index = 2.5 versus female average index = 1.2

16 Results and Statistical Analyses (cont.) 42% reported not buying a CD because they already had it on MP3 –59% reported buying a CD after hearing it on MP3 No statistical difference between index scores of on- and off-campus students

17 Results and Statistical Analyses (cont.) Difference in index scores between colleges CollegeAvg. Index SIA3.3 SCS2.8 HSS2.1 CIT2.0 MCS1 CFA.9 BHA.3 Heinz0

18 Results and Statistical Analyses (cont.) Those with portable MP3 players have significantly higher index scores –p <.0001; P-MP3 owners average index = 4.2 versus non-owners average index = 1.9

19 Results and Statistical Analyses (cont.) Those who use Napster have a higher average index than those who don’t –p <.0001; Napster users average index = 2.9 versus non-users average index = 1.3

20 Conclusions/Limitations Many things need more extensive investigation –Specific effects MP3s have on CD purchasing –Respondents knowledge of copyright laws. –More quantitative measures

21 Interesting Feedback Reasons given for opting out –“I have had some bad experiences with surveys that claim to be confidential…” –“I typically do not fill out electronic surveys. sorry.” –“If u send me any more surveys i will kcuf u over” –“No time” –“tasty corn” –“Too weird”

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