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Sarah Karlson Edward Cho Richard Gasperini Heather Frantz The Rankings of CMU by Students April 26, 2001 36-203.

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1 Sarah Karlson Edward Cho Richard Gasperini Heather Frantz The Rankings of CMU by Students April 26, 2001 36-203

2 Introduction Why did we choose this subject? How did students rank CMU before coming here? Have these rankings changed since coming to CMU?

3 Presentation Outline Background and Design Confidentiality Expectations Results Summary

4 Background and Design Target Population CMU Undergraduates Sampled Frame List of all Undergraduate Andrew User ID’s Sampling Population Undergraduates chosen randomly by ID

5 Background and Design Sample Size 253 undergraduates Sample Scheme Proportional Allocation by College Mode of Survey Email with 2 follow ups, 4 days apart

6 Questionnaire Design Questionnaire explored the ranking of CMU by students and the level of satisfaction Satisfaction measured on five different levels Pilot tested on 21 students No major changes came from testing Different email systems produced different responses

7 Confidentiality Confidentiality statement in email survey User ID’s stripped from data ID’s of respondents wanting results of data stored separately ID’s will be deleted as soon as results are sent out

8 Expectations Response Rate Hoped for a 50% response Data CMU is not usually ranked first among students when applying to college CMU’s ranking doesn’t improve after coming here Some facets of campus life not satisfactory (i.e. dining services, social life)

9 Data Observed as of 4/25/01 Survey sent out 4/19/01 at 4:14 AM Response Rate- 12% (30 responses) First follow-up 4/23/01 at 2:35 PM Response Rate- 25.3% (64 responses) Second follow-up to be on 4/26/01

10 Response Results Gender breakdown 59% Male 41% Female

11 Response Results


13 Findings




17 Academic Ranking by College

18 Social Ranking by College

19 Facility Ranking by College

20 Comments- Academic - The quality of education and the access to opportunities that I could not have received elsewhere had been amazing. - Top of the line education - The workload and difficulty of CMU classes are not easier than some of those famous universities. However, the fame of CMU is not as high as others. - Courses take up too much time

21 Comments – Facility - Plenty of computer resources, hunt library is pathetic, the dining services are horrible – little selection, overpriced, not open at convenient hours, no healthy food, not really sanitary, unfriendly workers -The computer resources are definitely exceptional compared to my friends experiences at other universities. However, the facilities that would lead to better quality of life are definitely lacking. There are a very limited number of quiet comfortable study areas and the dining/vendor services are pathetic - Dining svc blows

22 Comments – Social -No time for a real social life. People are so damn uptight and scared no matter what you do. The frat’s are loaded with desperate people, eager to prove themselves in the most amoral ways possible. The drama school is full of cool people turned messed up due to immense pressures forcing all of their creativity and expression to be compacted into a very toxic subconscious, leaking out in the form of appalling carnival ritual (just ask around). Everyone just needs to sit back, take a breath and forget about all the crap they’re afraid of and try to live their damn lives and they might be happier for it. -Friends are great, the dating scene here sucks, though either people are totally undateable (they lack social skills, hygiene, etc.) or they are complete jerks. Fraternity boys here are lame in general

23 Summary Expectations met: Unsatisfactory dining services Majority of students did not rank CMU 1 st before attending Ranking usually stays the same after attendance

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