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The Logistics Industry. Global transport Global business.

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1 The Logistics Industry

2 Global transport

3 Global business

4 Global employer

5 Transportation

6 Specialised transport

7 MP3 players

8 Transporting MP3 players Packaged MP3 players MP3s boxed up on palletMP3 boxes in container MP3s in warehouseMP3s aboard ship at seaMP3s en route to warehouse

9 Journey of an MP3 player

10 Logistics in Action WHAT is going to happen today … As teams you are going to: set up your own logistics company, and try to win a contract from Megastore World Music, to transport MP3 players by air and sea from China to the UK.

11 Logistics in Action Enterprise groups Create your own company. Select which logistics job role suits you best. Read the Megastore pack – it tells you what to do. Read your information pack - it gives you the information to do the work. Find the best routes for transporting MP3 players and record your answers in the Route Planning form. Use the Route Planning form to select your best air and sea routes. Enter your final routes on Megastore’s Tender form and hand it in to WIN THE CONTRACT. All against the clock ….

12 Logistics in Action Journeys taken by MP3 players

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