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Ihr Logo EEZEEDO INDIA SERVICES Consolidating Logistics Activities.

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1 Ihr Logo EEZEEDO INDIA SERVICES Consolidating Logistics Activities

2 Your Logo EEZEEDO India Services has been conceptualized by a team of professionals from the Transport / Logistics industry to ease your logistics / transport activities across the country. Concept: Managing transportation in an unpredictable environment is tough. With so many variables – uncertain carrier capacity, volatile fuel prices – you want a dependable logistics management partner that delivers the solution your business needs

3 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 3 Why us: We offer a full suite of business solutions that optimize you supply chain while reducing cost and improving service levels. Our bottom line is helping you manage your core activities. Your transportation need are carefully examined by us and you are provided with the options that allow you to focus your energy where it belongs : Managing your daily routine acivities and business We beleive structuring your logistics activities will help you plan your execution with ease. With EEZEEDO we take this step to get your transport / logistics activities planned. Making your execution painless and organised. Only you need to do is mail us / upload your packing list to us and get assured of a suitable execution plan ready. With highly experienced team from the Transport / Logistics industry be assured of best execution plan for your queires.

4 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 4 Logistics planned for : Honda Siel Cars India Ltd Hero Honda Motorcycles India Ltd, Hero Motocorp India Ltd, Nokia India Ltd (for Indus Towers Ltd, project at U.P.), Bangalore metrorail project, Pussiance De Leau Systems P.Ltd, Greensol Power Systems P.Ltd., Otoklin Global Business Ltd., India Representative office of DUCKYANG ULC Co. Ltd., Hindalco Logistics P.Ltd., Tuscor Loyyds Shipping India P.Ltd., DHL Lemuir Logistics P.Ltd, DAMCO India Ltd (an MAERSK GROUP company) etc.

5 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 5 What we Offer: 1)Packing List / RFQ Simplification 2)Transport Assistance 3)Load Plan 4)Physical Cargo Measurement 5)Load sketch diagrams 6)Route Planning and Route Survey Services 7)Vendor identification and tendering 8)Spend analysis for Project Transportation. 9)Execution plan

6 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 6 WHAT WE OFFER : PACKING LIST / RFQ SIMPLIFICATION : From receiving a packing list to its conversion, simplification, consolidation of packing list items to preparing draft load plan and final execution plan every thing under guidance of experienced team. We structure your complete road transport needs. LOAD PLAN : Load plan for pipe de-stuffed loading, Cable drum, Wooden Cases and pallets, Transformers and machineries, Bags and drums, Carton (CBM clarification) etc… TRANSPORT ASSISTANCE: We provide you a full time assistant to manage your daily transportation and allied activities on pay roll basis. The assistant would be employed at your premises as your full time employee, managing all your day to day transportation activities.

7 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 7 WHAT WE OFFER : VENDOR IDENTIFICATION AND TENDERING: Once we have worked on the project, it would be easy to you to finalise the execution plan and select the best suitable vendor to execute the order. We can help you out with tendering and selection of the vendor for the particular job. We make sure you concentrate on your core activity leaving the planning / structuring part on us. We believe your time is valuable and should be used for betterment of your core activity, leaving the planning part on us.

8 Your Logo Here comes your footer Page 8 ADVANTAGES WITH US : Simplification of packing list / RFQ. Simplified vehicle loading diagrams, easily understood by your transport vendors. Rate indications. Vendor identifications for the job. Single window execution plan, that can be sent to your transport vendors and get rates from them accordingly. Cost very low as compared to your project execution cost. Professional approach to every packing list / RFQ sent to us. Organised solutions to your enquiry. Additional details / support like: Physical verification of cargo (for proper planning), route details, cross verification of your transport vendors execution plan sheet.

9 Your Logo EEZEEDO India Services Thanks you for going through the slides. We hope to make your Transport experience – Peaceful and Professional You can mail us your packing list at : Upload your packing list on our website:

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