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1122 State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program

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1 1122 State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program
GSA Federal Acquisition Service Center for Automotive Acquisition 1122 State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program

2 Center for Automotive Acquisition
GSA Automotive is the purchasing arm of GSA's Office of Motor Vehicle Management.  Leverages the government's buying power to purchase more than $1 billion in vehicles and automotive products annually at significant savings for customer agencies.  Under the 1122 Program, State and Local offices are authorized to purchase vehicles used in the performance of counter-drug activities. All vehicle orders and communications must go through the SPOC (state point of contact). A SPOC listing can be found at

3 Vehicles Available under 1122
Schedule 23 V-Vehicular Multiple Award Schedule (VMAS) SIN: Description: Command Centers Command Centers are the only items from Schedule 23 V authorized for purchase under the 1122 Program. Orders for Command Centers may be placed directly with GSA Schedule contractors. Contract award data available at

4 Vehicles Available under 1122
Light Vehicles under the AutoChoice program Law Enforcement Vehicles (Items 17, 17A, 17B, 17C, 100L) Sedans, SUVs, Light Trucks Orders must be placed through AutoChoice Light Vehicles are the only items under AutoChoice for purchase under the 1122 Program. Only vehicles and equipment listed in AutoChoice are available for purchase. Additional/Specialty equipment cannot be requested under the 1122 program (no AREQs)

5 AutoChoice AutoChoice is GSA’s secure on-line vehicle ordering program
Self-Registration All users must self-register (follow link on log-in page) 1122 program uses Agency Code 21, Bureau Code 44 Self-Registration gives users access to all areas of AutoChoice, but does not provide rights to finalize an order SPOCs must send requesting rights be upgraded to allow ordering. Only SPOCs or an alternate designated by the SPOC will be given ordering right.

6 AutoChoice Configure vehicles and choose vehicle equipment options
View side by side comparisons of vehicle models Calculate actual vehicle prices for configured vehicle including the GSA 1% surcharge View GSA’s minimum requirements and Mfg specs View vehicle manufacturers past performance Select a dealership for delivery Submit your vehicle orders to GSA online Check vehicle order status

7 Click the <Visit This Website Now> button to begin using AutoChoice New User Registered User

8 New User Registration Fill out User Registration Form
Fields with asterisks are required Call your Agency Ordering Office or GSA on for your Agency Code and Bureau Code You establish your own User Name and Password Passwords must be 8 digits alpha and numeric Click <Add> You will now have authority to view prices and place orders in the Garage. You do not yet have authority to submit orders to GSA. Ordering authority must be requested by to Your should state your authority to purchase for your agency.

9 Select specific Standard Item
Vehicle Selection To begin price comparison: Select specific Standard Item Select Vehicle Type Detailed information on each standard item is available in the Federal Vehicle Standards.

10 Optional Equipment Bulleted items are standard on the base vehicle.
Please note that the selection of certain options may change the specifications of the base vehicle. Radio buttons indicate single-select options. Check boxes indicate multi-select options.

11 Price Comparison Tab View additional information to make your best value decision Total price per vehicle includes options and GSA surcharge Cost Break-down

12 Other Information

13 Provide Billing and Ordering Information

14 Pending Orders 1. Edit Orders 2. Delete Orders 3. View Orders
4. Copy Orders 5. Add Remarks to Orders 6. Submit Orders to GSA AutoChoice has 4 User Authority levels Level 1 – View pricing only. No access to the Garage. Cannot submit orders to GSA. Level 2– Default level– Place orders in the Garage. View and Edit orders that you placed in Garage. Cannot submit orders to GSA. Level 3– Place orders in the Garage. View and Edit orders for your entire Region or Bureau. Cannot submit orders to GSA Supervisor—Place orders in the Garage. View and Edit orders for entire Region or Bureau. Submit orders to GSA.

15 Order Received by GSA – E-mail Acknowledgement

CHECKING YOUR ORDER STATUS EXPECTED SHIPMENT TIMES Light Trucks 90 days ARO w/Vocational Bodies 150 – 245 days (Depending on optional equipment) Ambulances 150 to 245 days Medium & Heavy 190 days - Varies

17 Check Status

18 Additional Information
Center for Automotive Acquisition web portal: 23 V Schedule information: AutoChoice: AutoChoice tutorial is available in the AutoChoice web site as well as the Automotive Acquisition web portal Customer Care CARS (2277)

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