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DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 1 ab ç Sales Training CHROMAPRESS Luc Van Steyvoort.

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1 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 1 ab ç Sales Training CHROMAPRESS Luc Van Steyvoort

2 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 2 ab ç Content Product information -Machine Components -Front-end Competition -Indigo E-Print -(Xeikon DCP-32) -Xerox DocuColor 40 -Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Customer profile Market information applications

3 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 3 ab ç Chromapress workflow

4 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 4 ab ç Engine components 1. Paper supply unit (PRS) 2. Printing tower (TWR) 3. Fixing, driving and cutting unit (FDC) 4. Paper output unit (PRO) 5. Control unit 6. Conditioning unit 7. IntelliStream 8. RIP 1 2 3 4 65 7 8

5 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 5 ab ç Paper input unit Web-feed technology -No paper jam -Flexible cut length -Excellent registration Paper pre-conditioning -Normal offset paper -Always optimal conditions Splicing table -Minimum time to change paper

6 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 6 ab ç Media for Chromapress Paper width:320 mm (32i)500 mm (50i) Paper weight:80 to 250 GSM Paper roll weight:40 Kg (32i)60 Kg (50i) Number of sheets per roll -depending on the paper weight -1500 - 1600 A3 sheets (130 GSM) Media types -Offset paper: glossy, matt, coated, uncoated -Polyester -Labels -Transparent film -special materials for special applications (testing required)

7 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 7 ab ç Media script Files Different papers require different settings in the engine to get optimal print quality Five parameters are stored in Media Script Files -Pre-conditioning temperature -Transfer/duplex voltages -Fusing temperature -Temperature of the NIP rollers -Web speed Basic script file stored in control unit Experienced operator can fine tune the Script files

8 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 8 ab ç Print tower duplex 8 print units -Engine simultaneously images both sides -No speed penalty when printing duplex -Minimises service interventions LED’s, OPC’s, Micro toner -Resolution is 600 dpi with variable dot density -Equivalent of 175 lpi at 2400 rpi -No loss of quality, sharper images thanks to direct transfer

9 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 9 ab ç Print tower simplex 5 print units CMYK + white

10 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 10 ab ç Fixing, driving and cutting unit duplex Non Contact fusing -Permanent adhesion -No fusing oil required -Output is dry and cold ready for immediate use Variable cut off -Format flexibility -Optimise print speed -better utilisation of paper

11 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 11 ab ç OmniGloss Provides an offset-like finish for digital colour printing Provides enhanced colour saturation Improves printing on coated paper Gives better scratch resistance Maintains higher moisture content for easier finishing Allows tuning of gloss characteristics for individual substrates

12 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 12 ab ç Fixing, driving and cutting unit simplex Contact fusing Lower temperature Wider range of label stock Optional on-line finishing

13 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 13 ab ç Paper output unit Upper and lower tray

14 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 14 ab ç Off-line finishing One finishing unit can support multiple printers Media jams in the finishing unit will not influence the printing In-line finishing equipment is more expensive In-line finishing makes assembling a job from mixed print sources difficult Oversized formats have to be cut off-line In-line finishing units are often limited to a few paper sizes and actions

15 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 15 ab ç Chromapress CSi Engine components Fuser roller module Media output LOWER IMAGING UNIT UPPER IMAGING UNIT Lower laser module Upper laser module OPC Belt Media input Buffer belt

16 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 16 ab ç Sheet-fed Mechanism for Flexible Job Scheduling quick paper changes straight paper path minimal waste

17 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 17 ab ç Imaging system ingenuous and accurate way of transferring images to the sheets patented separation imaging technology exact position of an image is tightly controlled One-Pass-Duplex™ enables accurate back-to- front registration

18 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 18 ab ç Controllable Contact Fusing controllable hot pressure fusing ensures consistent quality Fuser Unit contributes to high printing quality enables printing a wide variety of media types

19 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 19 ab ç Media A4 (8.5"x11"), A3 (11"x17"), A3+ (oversized 11"x17") sheets sizes up to 320 x 470 mm (12.6" x 18.5") a wide range of substrates -standard offset papers from 80 to 300 GSM (55 lb. text to 110 lb. cover) -polyester, films -self-adhesive label stock

20 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 20 ab ç Chromapress 32i vs. 50i specs 32i50i Web width :32 cm50 cm Imaging width :307 mm475 mm Web speed :12.35 cm/sec 12.45 cm/sec Speed/min. :70 A4100 A4 (35 A4 4/4) (50 A4 4/4) Speed/hr. :4200 A4 6000 A4 (2100 A4 4/4)(3000 A4 4/4)

21 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 21 ab ç Chromapress 32i vs. 32Si specs 32i32Si Web width :32 cm33 cm Imaging width :307 mm307 mm Web speed :12.35 cm/sec 24.5 cm/sec Printing speed :Duplex/SimplexSimplex (35 A4/min.)(70 A4/min.) # Colors :4 (CMYK)5 (CMYK & White) FusingIR radiationHot pressure

22 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 22 ab ç Front-end Support all features, functions of a high speed and high quality digital press Produce a first print as fast as possible starting from a PS file printing and especially duplex printing requires a lot of actions such as matching colours, imposition… All possible actions that can be automised are automised to ensure a higher productivity and error free result The real strength of the software becomes apparent when the workload is high

23 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 23 ab ç Front-end high-lights Build-in OPI functionality -Faster network transfer and imposition Colour management system -Files prepared for any printing system can be adjusted in the RIP for printing on the Chromapress -Operator can create and apply offset simulation curves Imposition software -Dedicated program supporting 1-pass duplex printing -Paper width supported is 320-330-500mm -Signature width supported is 307-307-475mm Calibration IntelliPac and IntelliCache

24 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 24 ab ç Front-end So a digital press requires -Open Environment (PostScript, XML, PDF, AFP, …) -User Friendly GUI (ChromaCon, -Watch, …) -Job Management (Queue-system, HotFolders, …) -Complete Solution (Imposition, Calibration, OPI, CMS,…) -High Performance (offline RIP, IntelliCache, …) -IntelliStream (IntelliPac, Screening, …) -Variable Data Tools (Personalizer-X,Personaliser-I)

25 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 25 ab ç Front-end components IntelliServer Job & Engine Management GUI Archiving Preview iRIP Interpreting the PDL Dual and Open Input Environment Compression twds. IntelliPac (ratio 1:10) IntelliStream Decompression Merging Master & VDF Screening Calibration & OffsetSimulation DataTransmission twds. the Printer

26 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 26 ab ç RIP history Power PC RIP -3 x 64 MB RAM and 2 GB HD -3 x 604 PowerPC Fast parallel PostScript processing (Agfascript) -RIP files while printing -Multi tasking, multi processing, parallel processing CP501 -Software RIP on Compaq Alpha -Adobe PS

27 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 27 ab ç iRIP Software RIP running on an Intel-based platform under WindowsNT Single Pentium III processor 550 MHz 20% higher performance than CP501 Fastest Commercial Platform Available Dual input Channel (PostScript 3 CPSI & IPcreator) Allows Dedicated PrePress- & PressOperator Press- & Time-independent IntelliPac generation Channel connection to Host (via AiiS)

28 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 28 ab ç iRIP Unique full-duplex 8-color calibration important for spreads! Variable data support Unique screening algorithms Offset Variable Dot Density

29 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 29 ab ç iRIP With Adobe ® CPSI IPcreator With JLF-support PageElementPool Optimized Quality 1:10 Compression All containing (Digital Film) Multi Layer Portable & Recombinable Preview (5th color if available)

30 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 30 ab ç i Cache A mechanism to cache reoccurring elements either in a PostScript- or XML-based environment, in order to significantly speed up the RIP

31 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 31 ab ç IntelliPrep System for offline Ripping Applications : -additional processing capacity -IntelliPrep Station resell by Chromapress users -easy entry for future Chromapress users -solution for document generators who provide digital files to Chromapress service bureaus

32 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 32 ab ç IntelliStream history

33 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 33 ab ç IntelliStream Imaging Process PostScript code /wedge {new path 0 0 move to 1 0 translate 15 rotate INPUT iRIP INTELLISTREAM OUTPUT PostScript interpreter PostScript Interpretation CMS Separation Trapping VDF-RIPping Compression CPU LED IntelliPac™ IntelliPac on the fly Decompression Calibration Screening IntelliPac enables Electronic collation VDF merging RIP while print

34 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 34 ab ç IntelliStream Basic Functionality Storage of minimum up to 500 A4 pages Average storage of 1200 A4 pages On the fly generation of bitmap data, calibration,offset simulation and screening supports -Longer formats -Instant Job Switching -Instant Job Proofing -RIP while print Electronic collation Ripping to press server disk On screen preview of Ripped data

35 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 35 ab ç IntelliStream Optional Functionality Variable data printing -Personalizer Color no area limitation no # fields limitation Off-line press server/RIP (IntelliPrep) for Pre-RIPping on -internal disk -removable disk

36 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 36 ab ç IntelliStream Benefits long formats (11.8 meters) unlimited archival time of IntelliPac files : -calibration applied at printing time reduced archival space : min 10, av.. 20-30 smart compression off-line archival possible change screen without Re-RIPping

37 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 37 ab ç IntelliStream Benefits time & device independent trouble free at imaging time : all data is resolved (100% pre-flight) Ideal for Distribute & Print applications unlimited variable data capabilities IntelliPac files contain -all necessary trapping (not in-RIP) -CMS -CMYK color separation -variable page data downloading IntelliPac files 5 - 10 times faster than normal RIPping time

38 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 38 ab ç AiiS - Link to Data Streams RiP of multiple data streams -AFP, IPDS, Metacode, LCDS… Adds full color to documents -Dynamic re-mapping of spot colors -Insert CMYK elements (photos, logos, backgrounds, etc.) Conditional content enhancements -“If balance present in field #3 insert image #23”

39 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 39 ab ç Combined Workflow IntelliStream Chromapress Engine CP Server IP iRIP AiiS XEROX AFP/DS ™ IPDS ™ PostScript ™ 3 PDF ™

40 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 40 ab ç Typical corporate documents Billing applications Customers statements Reports Transactions Insurance policies Travelling documents Salary tabs

41 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 41 ab ç Software Software can be divided into two major parts ChromaPost for the prepress operator and ChromaWatch and ChromaCon for the press operator Prepress operator -Preparing the job -PS knowledge Press operator -job organisation (ChromaWatch) -Operating the press (ChromaCon) Density, registration, paper, toner… Maintenance Calibration

42 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 42 ab ç Job Preparation and Communication ChromaPost Macintosh-based shareware Creates electronic job ticket Defines printing parameters -number of pages and copies -electronic or mechanical collation -media type -set-up for imposition -color management links -OPI identification -dot gain (conversion from offset)

43 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 43 ab ç Chromapress Server/Workstation ChromaWatch Input job queuing for ChromaWrite Job output scheduling Hot folders Archiving Impostrip Impress Automatic duplex imposition Proofing of imposed, printer ready files step & repeat

44 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 44 ab ç Chromapress Server/Workstation Signature server Performs the actual imposition tasks Combines page files into a single PS file ChromaOnline Makes the Chromapress visible as a chooser selectable printer Enables the operator to perform calibration Enables font downloading

45 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 45 ab ç Chromapress Server/Workstation ChromaWrite Communication manager between server and RIP Includes OPI functionality Print output queue and controls Prioritise jobs ChromaCon Print engine control Calibrator Linearizes the 8 print engines independently

46 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 46 ab ç Calibration process Print test page (uncalibrated) until correct densities are reached for all colors by changing the LED on time Measure and store all patches Download calibration curve to RIP Correction for files created for an other printing system is done using offset simulation or CMS Operator corrections can be made using Run time gradation Calibration and offset simulation curves are combined Run time gradation modifies this curve while printing

47 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 47 ab ç VDF: Personalizer-X 2.1 Agfa-developed Quark Xtension for VDF set up Personalizer-X provides -Toolbox for VDF text -Toolbox for VDF images ASCII input Supports all Quark text and image features Also supported by non-IntelliStream configurations

48 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 48 ab ç Personalizer-X text workflow

49 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 49 ab ç Personalizer-X Text Benefits Single document layout and setup application All Xpress typographic features accessible for VDF text -Personalizer-X is the ONLY tool for layouting Personalized Documents supporting ALL QuarkXPress 4.1 functionality (runarounds, tagging, clipping paths, reflows, etc.) Automatic text reflow (VDF=part of textbox) ASCII-text input -Wide variety of databases supported -No PostScript required -Database functionality maintained (i.e. sorting, selection) -On screen preview of all records and selection of largest record ChromaPost workflow maintained

50 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 50 ab ç Personalizer-X image workflow

51 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 51 ab ç Personalizer-X image benefits Single document layout and set up application All Xpress image manipulation features accessible for VDF image Input -Wide variety of databases supported -TIFF and EPS - RGB or CMYK input -OPI compatible -No large PostScript-file -No data multiplication -Database functionality maintained (i.e. sorting, selection) ChromaPost workflow maintained

52 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 52 ab ç Online Charting Supports all MS Excel chart types - Exploded pies - Doughnuts - Columns - etc. On the fly generation driven from database contents - ASCII-data is used in a Variable Chart Object - This Data is exported towards MS Excel for Chart-generation - The Chart is re-imported as an image into Quark Realtime Previewing

53 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 53 ab ç Conditional input Condition 1 : if the age is above 16, then offer a free beer, else put an add for Condition 2. Condition 2 : if field 12 says female, then advertise for Barbie, else put an add for Matchbox.

54 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 54 ab ç Scriptable Automating the generation of Variable Data Offers a powerful workflow in combination with HotFolders Reduces human intervention and so the risk of mistakes Can drop the cost of personalizing

55 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 55 ab ç Extended preflighting Preflighting can be done during or before export. Checks for all kinds of overflows, also for cached elements. Contains an extended logging-mechanism. Makes VD-printing manageable and foolproof.

56 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 56 ab ç Next Generation IntelliStream Hans Van Glabeke

57 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 57 ab ç Indigo E-Print 1000+

58 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 58 ab ç Heidelberg Quickmaster DI

59 DIGITALPRINTING CTPC 97-8052GB - 59 ab ç Xerox DocuColor 40

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