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Continuous Feed Solutions A Printing Revolution from Xerox Business Group Name Here.

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1 Continuous Feed Solutions A Printing Revolution from Xerox Business Group Name Here

2 Month Day, 2008 Page 2 Agenda Xerox in the CF market Continuous Feed Portfolio Continuous Feed Business Opportunities Technology Makes the Difference Questions and Answers

3 Month Day, 2008 Page 3 What do you think when you see the logo

4 Month Day, 2008 Page 4 Market Share 2007 Market Size Installs 351+ ppm Xerox now are: No 2 for market share No 2 as supplier Committed to achieving No 1 status

5 Month Day, 2008 Page 5 InfoTrends Report 2007

6 Month Day, 2008 Page 6 Continuous Feed Makes Sense… Entry level print volumes start at 1 million images per month per site High Speed requirements, with short print window The right applications – Single stock source from a roll or a box (plain or preprinted media) – Appropriate image quality 600 x 600 – Medium to long run lengths – Special materials with our CF devices that use non- contact flash fusing Integrate and co-exist with cut-sheet and offset printers Inline finishing flexibility for Transaction or POD and Digital Books

7 Xerox Continuous Feed Solutions Slide Subtitle, Business Unit Name

8 Month Day, 2008 Page 8 Our Continuous Feed Portfolio Today Speed 1232 ipm Xerox 1300 Duplex —600 dpi; 1232 ipm (300 fpm) New Mono Xerox 495 Continuous Feed Duplex ---600 dpi; 472 ipm (115 fpm) 472 ipm Xerox 650 simplex —600 dpi; 617 ipm (300 fpm) 650 ipm New Mono 900 ipm Xerox 980 CCF Duplex —600 dpi; 927 ipm (226 fpm) New Colour 450 ipm Xerox 490 CCF simplex —600 dpi; 464 ipm (226 fpm) New Colour

9 Month Day, 2008 Page 9 Xerox 495 CF Duplex Printer Resolution: Imaging: Engine Speed: Paper Weight: Paper Handling: Print Imaging: Duty Cycle: Applications: 600 x 600 LED imaging, Flash Fusing 35.1 m (115 feet) per minute 472 A4 2-up 2 sided ipm 17 to 42lb bond (64 gsm - 157 gsm) Pin-fed 6.5” – 18” Web (165 mm – 457.2 mm) 2.5M feet/month Transaction, Books, Booklets, Labels Manuals, Direct Mail 10 mill DocuCard

10 Month Day, 2008 Page 10 Xerox 650/1300 CF Printer Resolution: Imaging: Engine Speed: Paper Weight: Paper Handling: Print Imaging: Applications: 600 x 600 or 600 x 1200 dpi (post launch) LED imaging, Flash Fusing 91.4 m (300 feet) per minute 1232 A4 (1308 letter) ipm 1200 x 600 at 795 A4 16 to 54lb bond (60 gsm - 200 gsm) Pinfed, Pinless 165 mm - 495 mm web (6.5” – 19.5”) Transaction, transpromo, books, Direct mail, publishing

11 Month Day, 2008 Page 11 No slow down for multiple color printing! On-Board Xerox Controller Postscript, PDF, LCDS, IPDS Xerox 490/980 CCF Printer Configuration Resolution: Imaging: Engine Speeds: Paper Weight: Paper Handling: Print Imaging: Duty Cycle: High Speed CMYK Color Print Color Shell and Variable Data, Enables Books, Manuals, Catalogues, Newspapers, Promo Transaction Packaging, Substrate Flexibility Simplex or Twin Duplex 600 x 600 x 1 dpi LED imaging, Flash Fusing 225 feet per minute (69 m) Up to 925 A4 ipm 2-up 40 gsm - 160 gsm Pinfed, Pinless 6.5” - 19.5” Web (165 mm - 495 mm) 20M images or 4.5M feet/mth Simplex Duplex

12 Month Day, 2008 Page 12 Patented Print Line Management box Closed network with two-way communication Single Point control from operator panel Faster job turnaround, more productivity, better reliability Innovative Technology Leadership Control multiple devices in the production print line Integration of pre/post Synchronize all devices Monitor complete print line Easy configuration change One touch user interface Control multiple finishing lines

13 Business Opportunities Slide Subtitle, Business Unit Name

14 Month Day, 2008 Page 14 Market Trends 30% of digital color work will be versioned or personalized Source: INTERQUEST of printers say run lengths shorter than 5000 Source: Strategies for Management Commercial Print 2010 78% annual growth in retail value of POD 14% Source: InfoTrends/C APV by 2009 Source: Frank Romano, RIT of all print jobs will be 24- hour turnaround 33% 27% growth in production digital color page volume Source: InfoTrends/C APV Print on DemandTurnaround TimeRun LengthsColour PagesVariable Content by 2010Todayby 2009by 2007

15 Month Day, 2008 Page 15 Transactional Documents Includes bills, statements and invoices Customers view statements - an average of 164 seconds Customers view direct mail - an average of 21 seconds Must be read - 98% read them at least once Often reread - 85% read them twice Reread three times - 13% Untapped opportunities for promotional messaging

16 Month Day, 2008 Page 16 The Power of Promotional and Transactional From this To this

17 Month Day, 2008 Page 17 targeted promotional messages The Opportunity Create loyalty-building, customer- pleasing communications by adding targeted promotional messages to bills, statements, and invoices using variable information and high-quality digital color printing. Maximize the lifetime value of customers Improve customer relationships and brand affinity Achieve measurable results for your business goals Move ahead of your competition

18 Month Day, 2008 Page 18 Continuous Feed Opportunities … Importance of substrate

19 Technology Slide Subtitle, Business Unit Name

20 Month Day, 2008 Page 20 Perle Vectors of Differentiation What is Flash Fusing? Vectors of Differentiation

21 Month Day, 2008 Page 21 Flash-Fusing Technology Flexible substrates, no heat, no pressure, no contact Flash FusingHeat Roller Fusing Heat and pressure - fewer substrates

22 Month Day, 2008 Page 22 Breakthrough Toner Technology Unique chemistry Small diameter toner and developer Precise dot pattern for High Density Barcode High-quality print for POD application CompetitorXerox 1 dot print sample Xerox Developing roller Magnetic brush – High density, very uniform Magnetic Brush – Low density, non-uniform Competitor Developing roller Photosensitive drum

23 Month Day, 2008 Page 23 Substrate Performance Precise registration Less Cockle Book production quality Less static electricity Less curl Better reliability in post process devices Fixing Method Print Rate 4% Print Rate 16% Heat Roller 62.557.5 Flash Fuse 92.174.6 Fixing Method Print Rate 4% Print Rate 16% Heat Roller 0.120.17 Flash Fuse No shrink 0.05 Retain moisture content (%) Minimal shrinkage of substrate (%)

24 Month Day, 2008 Page 24 Help us to understand your business model. Is there opportunity to streamline your workflow? Then we’ll talk technology 1 2 3

25 In Summary Slide Subtitle, Business Unit Name

26 Month Day, 2008 Page 26 Xerox commitment UK have expanded their team from 2 to 6 CF sales specialists Dedicated CF Business Manager and Brand Manager New and exciting opportunities now exist due to new technology capability Re-engineering of processes offering added value (i..e Transpromo) Important to ask the question “what’s the purpose of this document” Substrate flexibility key to increased opportunities Quality in both mono and colour now tangible and acceptable for many applications You are now limited by your creativity not by the technology

27 Month Day, 2008 Page 27

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