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Simple Steps – 2015 expanded program BPA Brown Bag presentation

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1 Simple Steps – 2015 expanded program BPA Brown Bag presentation
Sarah F. Moore – BPA Residential Lead David Murphy – BPA Appliance & Lighting Program Manager Ryan Crews – CLEAResult Associate Manager December 3, 2014 December 11, 2014

2 Program Overview 2015 Program Timing What's the same What's new
Program Development Jan – Mar 2015 Program Launch – April 1, 2015 What's the same CFLs, LEDs, showerheads (no interruption) Special Promotions What's new Appliances (washers, refrigerators, freezers) Additional Measure Options – (APS, HPWHs, DHPs) To be coordinated with NEEA at a later date On-Line promotions and purchasing options Utility-Branded POP Savings based pricing Customizable measure portfolios and support services

3 Program Offer Summary STANDARD SERVICES Field services and reporting
Basic marketing Monthly activity reports Retail promotional events Manufacturer/retailer management Rebate processing Allocation implementation Collaboration with regional programs OPTIONAL SERVICES Tailored marketing Additional measure options Customized reporting dashboards Call center services

4 Appliances Overview Utility requests for midstream appliance promotions Clothes washers, refrigerators and freezers Beginning in June of 2015 Will be offered as a midstream retail model Will operate in a similar manner to lighting & showerhead promotions – no rebate forms, utilize RSAT for allocations Delivery will be priced separately from lighting and showerheads Appliance program focused webinar to be held in January

5 Pricing Cost per claimable kWh, not per sales unit:
Approx. $ per kWh for lighting and showerheads Approx. $ per kWh for appliances Units sold will continue to be reported by product type, as they are now. Why has the cost increased? Increased special promotions budget Growing LED market share Covers the cost of non-participating utility sales Average Cost Per Lighting/Showerhead Item Sold Current New Difference $1.67 $1.84 $0.17 Average Delivery Cost Per Lighting/Showerhead Item Sold Current New Difference $0.25 $0.238 -$0.012

6 Budgeting Utilities can still limit budget amounts
Separate budgets for lighting/showerheads and/or appliances Progress towards budget or other goals will be tracked on monthly invoices Additional reporting metrics are available

7 RSAT Allocations Different allocations for lighting/showerheads and appliances Methodology Considerations: Type of product Retailer environment Drive time Urban density near store Road networks Proximity of other retail locations Demographics of households

8 The Benefits of Participating
Inexpensive savings < $0.10/kWh for lighting/showerheads $0.30/kWh for appliances Potential for large savings volume 35+ utilities with over 500,000 kWh so far this year 20+ utilities over 1 million kWh Customer visibility Currently operate in 1,050 stores regionally Partnership opportunity with local retailers Flexible turnkey program

9 Participation Examples
UTILITY #1 Characteristics Large savings goals Urban center w/many big box stores Some rural customers Staff hasn’t had a lunch break for weeks Participation Opt-in to lighting/SH and appliance promo Online offers Extra focus on in-store promotions Pop-up retail events UTILITY #2 Characteristics Medium savings goals One large town, rest are small towns; some big box stores Many rural customers Staff likes to process appliance rebates Participation Opt-in to lighting/SH; keep appliance promo in-house Online offers Extra focus on small retailer recruitment UTILITY #3 Characteristics Small savings goals; customer touch is focus All small towns; few retailers Rural customers Participation Level Opt-in to lighting/SH and appliance promo Extra focus on small retailer recruitment EE kit giveaways at local events

10 Opt-In Overview Opt-in Period Opt-in Process
Dec 3, 2014 through Jan 9, 2015 Opt-in Process Contact Ryan Crews ( or phone) Determine goals and budgets Forecast and program agreements Advantage of joining during opt-in period Allows for best possible price based on volume Utilities will continue to have the option to join later Price will remain same as during opt-in period

11 Unassigned Account If desired, utilities can consider applying to the Unassigned Account for additional EEI funds, whether for Simple Steps or another program.

12 Contacts Aimée Brown Senior Manager Ryan Crews Associate Manager

13 Additional Support Slides (as needed)

14 General Purpose and Dimmable 1440- 2600 lumens 15 $1.00 $1.47 $0.75
Product Type Description Savings (kwh/yr) Payment ($/unit) S Unit Cost S Unit Cost Price Difference Payment Difference CFL General Purpose and Dimmable lumens 15 $1.00 $1.47 $0.75 $0.72 -$0.47 General Purpose and Dimmable lumens 8 $0.78 $0.03 $0.22 General Purpose and Dimmable lumens Decorative and Mini-Base lumens 22 $2.25 $2.16 -$0.09 $0.09 Decorative and Mini-Base lumens 10 $0.98 -$1.27 $1.27 Decorative and Mini-Base lumens 17 $1.67 -$0.58 $0.58 Globe lumens 16 $1.57 -$0.68 $0.68 Globe lumens 6 $0.59 -$1.66 $1.66 Globe lumens -$1.47 Reflectors and Outdoor lumens 50 $4.91 $2.66 -$2.66 Reflectors and Outdoor lumens 12 $1.18 -$1.07 $1.07 Reflectors and Outdoor lumens 20 $1.96 -$0.29 $0.29 Three-Way lumens 36 $3.53 $1.28 -$1.28 Three-Way lumens Three-Way lumens 14 $1.37 -$0.88 $0.88 LED 31 $4.00 $3.04 $3.00 $0.04 $0.96 -$1.63 $2.63 -$2.02 $3.02 24 $2.35 -$0.65 $1.65 11 $1.08 -$1.92 $2.92 -$1.82 $2.82 23 $2.26 -$0.74 $1.74 9 -$2.12 $3.12 13 -$1.72 $2.72 66 $6.47 $3.47 -$2.47 -$1.33 $2.33 30 $2.94 -$0.06 $1.06 LED Fixture Downlight Retrofit Kit $10.00 $8.25 -$5.90 $7.65 Showerhead 1.5 or less Gallons Per Minute (GPM) 171 $12.00 $16.78 $7.25 $9.53 -$4.78 1.75 or less Gallons Per Minute (GPM) 132 $12.95 $5.70 -$0.95 2 or less Gallons Per Minute (GPM) 88 $8.63 $1.38 $3.37

RSAT Allocations DRIVE TIME Retailer Class Product Type Urban Density TRADE AREA Drive Time GIS RETAIL SALES ALLOCATION Trade Area Customer Segment House Counts Utility Territory

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