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Residential Energy Efficiency Multifamily Income Qualified Program.

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1 Residential Energy Efficiency Multifamily Income Qualified Program

2 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Purpose Deliver long-term energy savings and bill reduction to low-income multifamily customers through the direct install of a variety of lighting and appliance measures and customer education.

3 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Target Audience Property owners or managers of federally subsidized income qualified multifamily properties of three (3) dwelling units or more from : Public Housing Authorities HUD – Section 8, 202, 811 USDA – Section 538, 515

4 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Eligible Measures Electric Domestic Hot Water Low flow showerhead – fixed or handheld Faucet aerator – fixed or swivel Water pipe insulation Water heater blanket Lighting Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) Domestic Hot Water Heater Appliances Programmable Thermostat Energy Star Refrigerator Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Energy Star Dehumidifier **Note that all appliances will be decommissioned, recycled and removed from the property.

5 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Owner Commitment Commitment Letter To make energy efficiency upgrades in the common areas of the property (i.e. parking lots, utility rooms, hallways) Mixed Income Properties Must install comparable measures in all market rate units.

6 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Directly Benefits Multifamily Tenants Bill reductions average $125 per year Improved comfort Non-Profit Housing Developments Senior and Disabled Housing Pays utility bills for customers Savings can be used to finance common area improvements Limited-profit and For-profit Developments Family Housing Tenants pays bills Improvements/replacements are scheduled upon failure Capital budget savings can be used to finance common area improvements

7 Multifamily Income Qualified Program Tenant Communication 1.Pre-Installation Introductory LetterIntroductory Letter Fridge Magnet Energy Efficiency TipsFridge Magnet Energy Efficiency Tips Preferred Temperature ChartPreferred Temperature Chart Property Communication (banners, yard signs, window clings, door hangers)Property Communication (banners, yard signs, window clings, door hangers) Group Tenant EducationGroup Tenant Education 2.Installation One-on-one ConsultationOne-on-one Consultation Tenant Education Fact BookTenant Education Fact Book Energy Efficiency Coloring BookEnergy Efficiency Coloring Book 3.Post-Installation Post Installation LetterPost Installation Letter AmerenUE Residential Energy Efficiency Hotline 888-389-1446AmerenUE Residential Energy Efficiency Hotline 888-389-1446

8 For More Information Visit Tracy Scott Program Manager Multifamily Income Qualified Program 314-554-2288

9 Residential Energy Efficiency Lighting and Appliance Program

10 Lighting & Appliance Program Purpose Focuses on promoting ENERGY STAR® qualified products Easy access: available through participating retailers with no coupons or rebates needed -- just immediate savings at the register Easy access for online shoppers: AmerenUE electric customers can shop for compact Florescent Lights (CFLS) and get an immediate discount at our convenient online store Accessible to all AmerenUE customers regardless of socioeconomic status and geography Customer Education - 80 outreach events per year to educate consumers on the benefits of energy efficient products

11 Lighting & Appliance Program Results Program to-date 250 participating lighting retailers offering CFL discounts 150 appliance retail partners 1,350,000 CFL Sales for a total of about 40 million kWh saved – Thats the environmental equivalent of planting over 1,000,000 trees or taking 7,500 vehicles off the road for a year. – This also equates to helping AmerenUE electric customers save over $4.0M over the lifetime of the CFLs.

12 Lighting & Appliance Program Appliance rebates Program offers AmerenUE residential electric customers rebates -through a partnership with appliance manufacturers and participating retail stores throughout UEs Missouri service area, the program provides mail-in rebates of $25 on the purchase of ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers and $50 rebates on ENERGY STAR qualified freezers and room air conditioners.

13 Lighting & Appliance Program In-store CFL demonstrations every Saturday –Dates & locations on In store CFL educational tear sheets –Bulb types –Color rendering Outreach CFL educational tear sheets Appliance brochures Web site information

14 AmerenUE CFL Recycling Program Over 100 recycling locations in our service area.

15 For More Information Visit Tim Via Program Manager Lighting & Appliance Program 314-206-0252

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