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E NERGY S TAR ® June 9, 2000 Marla Sanchez, EPA Dehumidifiers.

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1 E NERGY S TAR ® June 9, 2000 Marla Sanchez, EPA Dehumidifiers

2 Objectives Provide dehumidifier manufacturers and other interested parties with overview of E NERGY S TAR Program Provide summary of Draft 1 Product Specification (V1.0)

3 Why Dehumidifiers? Dehumidifiers consume up to 1,000 kWh/year, that is as much energy as a refrigerator! Product models vary significantly in energy efficiency. There is large potential for more energy- efficient designs.

4 Dehumidifier Program Draft specification covers residential dehumidifiers up to 30 L/day. Definitions and test protocol are consistent with the National Standard of Canada, CAN/CSA-C749-94. Draft specification recognizes approximately the top 25% of the current market.

5 Dehumidifier Test Data

6 Dehumidifier Specifications

7 Program Information Partners begin labeling E NERGY S TAR qualified products on January 1, 2001. Charter partners have until January 1, 2002 to develop at least one E NERGY S TAR qualified product. January 1, 2003 EPA begins review of the market to assess potential Tier 2 specification.

8 E NERGY S TAR ® Is... The Symbol for Energy Efficiency

9 E NERGY S TAR ® Means... For Consumers Saves money Helps environment Provides simple way to make a difference For Manufacturers Promotes positive corporate image Helps environment For Utilities Provides a strategic platform Helps environment

10 Commercial Buildings E NERGY S TAR Homes Insulation Windows HVAC Residential Lighting Office Equipment Consumer Electronics Exit Signs Appliances E NERGY S TAR ® Products Roof Products

11 E NERGY S TAR ® Is…. A voluntary network 62 utility & state administrators serving over 60 million households + 4,600 storefronts 1,200 manufacturers representing 31 product categories 2,000 residential builders & allies 4,400 commercial building partners & allies (13% of building market)

12 Public Service Announcement Outreach Print PSAs appeared 340 times, yielding 474 million impressions-appearances in New Yorker, Modern Maturity, Vanity Fair, Golf, Country Living. Broadcast PSA ran in 35 markets, appeared over 20,000 times. Aired by 200 stations yielding over 1 billion impressions. Promoting E NERGY S TAR ® Products

13 Label Recognition Television Ads help to increase the visibility of the ENERGY STAR label. Along with growing name recognition, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR qualified products.

14 E NERGY S TAR ® News 4,300 print, TV, and radio news stories have reached 850 million viewers

15 Partner Promotions 80 million cups, 75 million bags carried the ENERGY STAR message Ricoh and Yahoo promotion showed E NERGY S TAR message to over 40,000 browsers/day

16 Utility and Retail Promotions

17 What Do Our Partners Have to Say? E NERGY S TAR strives to create win-win solutions for businesses and the environment. Our partners have seized the opportunity to join E NERGY S TAR to get a head start in an emerging market for energy efficiency.

18 Specialized Media: Times Square 18 times/day for 4 months 1.5 million estimated viewers everyday Played New Years Eve

19 Why E NERGY S TAR ® Works E NERGY S TAR symbol adds value to products and services Simple --- consistent platform Flexible --- partners can take ownership Dynamic --- builds on existing market structures Cumulative savings from all E NERGY S TAR Products sold to date (380 million) = $15 Billion over their lifetime

20 Why Become an E NERGY S TAR ® Partner? A new way to differentiate your products Boost bottom line by selling high-end equipment Increase credibility with customers by positioning company as environmental leader Turn key approach: leverage EPAs national education campaign to position your products

21 Partners Receive: Ability to use E NERGY S TAR logo and take part in national awareness campaign A full range of Program support materials and services Access to utility, retail, and co-branding promotions A listing on EPAs web site

22 How to Join E NERGY S TAR ® Sign final specification and become a charter partner Test & label compliant products (i.e., self- certification program with no fees) Train and educate staff on advantages and selling points of E NERGY S TAR qualified products Provide information on sales and product characteristics to EPA

23 How to Join E NERGY S TAR ® Join today... by contacting Marla Sanchez, US EPA, by email at or by phone at (202) 564-1248.

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