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Site and Highway Staking with Trimble SCS900

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1 Site and Highway Staking with Trimble SCS900

2 Benefits of doing your own stakeout
Stakeout has historically been labor intensive Multiple person crews Using Trimble technology reduces labor Allows single person crews for GPS (SPSx81) Robotic Total Station (SPSx30) Reduces cost Reduces need for subcontracted layout Reduces downtime No need to schedule or wait for crews to arrive Puts the power of data in your hands Documentation of stake positions and accuracy

3 SCS900 Stakeout Menu Option 3 – Stakeout Menu
Different menu depending on design loaded Surface design (TTM) Road design (PRO) Stakeout Settings

4 Staking Points Stake to coordinates (NEZ) Picking Options
Structures, utilities, radii, corners Picking Options Pick from plan view Pick from list Create new

5 Staking Lines Stake EP, curb, pads, lots, utilities, contours
Picking Options Pick from plan view Create New Other Options Reverse Station / offset Tangent / corner points Staking Interval Trimble Menu

6 Staking Side Slopes & Catch Points
Project any line at any slope Dynamic daylight / catch points Intersection updated using current ground elevation Useful when model doesn’t daylight correctly, slopes are not complete, or slopes need to be modified

7 Staking Planes Simple slopes or pads 3 Types
Good for temporary work that is not in design 3 Types Level Plane Sloping Plane Three Point Plane

8 Staking Surfaces Live Cut / Fill to current design
Good for supervisors or inexperienced users

9 Staking Roads – Option 1 Roadway Feature Pavement Dirt
CL, EP, Curb, Shoulder Dirt SG, Ditches, Benches

10 Staking Roads – Option 2 Catch Point Stake design tie slopes
Stake user defined slopes

11 Staking Roads – Option 3 Location on Surface Cut / Fill on the road at
Specific Station / Offset Any random location

12 Report Utility What data is recorded during stakeout? Measured NEZ
Raw data (LLH or HA/VA/SD) Precision Design NEZ Cut / Fill Horizontal deviation from staked point Station / Offset (lines or roads) In / Out of tolerance Rod height Date and time

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