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>>> CRYOSTAR Expanders

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1 >>> CRYOSTAR Expanders
For Air Separation

2 History & Capabilities
The beginning Cryostar started to build expanders back in 1973 driven by engineers having gathered broad experience in their former companies: This stating team was joined very quickly by an enthusiastic crew of engineers with experience in thermodynamics, mechanics and high speed machinery. Development started rapidly, gaining the confidence of most of the world gas companies. In the mean time, more than 1000 units are in operation and Cryostar has developed the world largest range of expanders for air separation.

3 The range The largest range in terms of shaft power
Most of the applications in air separation can be covered with one of Cryostar’s expanders. Shaft powers from less than 1 kW are available up to the maximum ever operated for air separation !

4 The Standard Models ECO
ECO 50, ECO 70, ECO 90, ECO 120 TFC 70, TFC 90, TFC 120, TFC 200 The ECO- family is used in a process where the shaft power is absorbed by an oil brake. It covers the low end range of expanders, mostly for small N2/O2 generators. Over 350 units are in operation all over the world. Units are highly standardized with most of our customers and thus, permits low costs for a rugged and reliable expander. The TFC range is coupled with a cold compressor beneath the oil brake. Shaft powers from less than 1 kW up to typically 70kW are available. ECO 70 cut-out model (Inlet guide vanes are missing).

5 The Standard Models TP TP 120, TP 200, TP 300, TP 400
The TP family covers the higher end of oil brake expanders. Various brake configurations and casings for higher pressures can cope with a large range of process conditions. These units are custom-designed to ensure best fit of process requirements. High degree of flexibility allow their use in various conditions: - A double shaft seal permits a safe separation between process and oil system even with higher process pressures. TP 120/32

6 The Standard Models TC TC 120, TC 200, TC 300, TC 400, TC 500
With the TC family, the shaft power is recovered by a compressor on the same shaft. A very large range of pressures, flows and shaft powers are available to best fit your process conditions. These units are designed with highest efficiencies to provide their operators with a very high pay-back and the highest availability to limit the downtime as much as possible. You will find these expanders in most of the modern air separation plants all over the world. TC 120 with its modular oil system

7 The Standard Models TG TG 120, TG 200, TG 300, TG400, TG 500
The TG family converts the shaft power into electrical energy which is returned to the electrical grid. Due to very high efficiency and stable shaft speed (locked by the mains frequency), these units are very reliable and energy efficient. They are in operation where a booster compressor is not adequate for the chosen process. Cryostar has a large range of flow and shaft powers in operation with most of the world gas companies. Two stages generator braked units

8 The Special Models LTP & LTG LTP 70, LTP 90, LTG 70, LTG 90, LTG 120
Back in 1985, Cryostar made the first tests with liquid expanders. The first unit was build the same year, based on a “Pelton” type of wheel. In 1986, a high efficiency liquid expander was build, based on a “Francis” wheel which has proven its efficiency, flexibility as well as its reliability. Cryostar has now a full range of liquid expanders in operation with oil brake for small shaft powers or with generator brake for larger units. Cryostar is having by far the most & best experience with these “money makers”. Liquid turbine during test with large N2 pumps

9 References Delivered units (by end 2003) By Model
More than 1000 expanders have been delivered from 1983 up to end 2003.

10 The Special Models Various applications
TFC ’s, MTC 120, Bloweco Cryostar was ever on the foreground and was watching for new applications to best serve its customers with innovative solutions. Here a few examples: The one example is the liquid turbine, but there are more configurations developed and build by Cryostar to suit new customer processes. The MTMC 120 was developed to have about kW on turbine whereas the compressor needed 70 kW shaft power, the remaining power being provided by a high frequency motor. The TFC was developed with a cold compressor on the same shaft as well as an additional oil brake to extract energy from the process.In the mean time, three sizes are available: TFC 70, TFC 120, TFC 200. The Bloweco was developed with ceramic ball bearings and blower brake, there are units in operation since 1998 without any maintenance. Whether you have a project with a new process: ask Cryostar, the necessary machine may already exist or can be build !

11 The Technology Best efficiency with best availability
Cryostar is conscious that our customers do need the best efficiencies in order to get the most out of their investment. Several steps are implemented to reach this target : On the thermodynamical side: - Sophisticated tools in order to have best geometry, thus best efficiency On the mechanical side: - Thorough investigations in order to verify wheel integrity under operational stress conditions. Best wheel production method: - Most of the wheels are now grinded out of solid forging in order to have best strength. Detailed vibratory analysis of wheels and rotor: - Sophisticated tools do analyze several modes of vibrations during operation in order to prevent any unnecessary stress and fatigue. All steps are performed to ensure highest efficiency in combination with the longest life time and minimum down time.

12 References Delivered units (by end 2003) By Number of units

13 Cryostar Your preferred supplier !
Cryostar is since the beginning putting all efforts to be at the full disposal of its customers: Highest efficiencies are a top priority at Cryostar in order to give you the best payback times. Continuous technical improvements leading to the lowest downtimes in the market. Largest range of expanders, allowing the best solution whether your process is needing. Innovative solutions to help you to be ahead of technology. Partnership with you in order to have best mutual benefits. Best price and performance ratio to win together in nowadays demanding market. … and striving to serve you better day after day ...

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