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It can be as easy as patching a hose. TEAM UP! FOR COMPRESSED AIR SAVINGS.

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1 It can be as easy as patching a hose. TEAM UP! FOR COMPRESSED AIR SAVINGS

2 For the environment For the bottom line Why should we care?

3 For the environment: Patching a hose can put the seal on big environmental gains.

4 For our bottom line: Patching a hose can pump up savings Why should we care?

5 For our bottom line:  Typically, for every 100 units of energy, fewer than 10 units become useful compressed air.  A 1 cm hole in a hose can cost about $11,000 a year in wasted energy. Why should we care?

6 1.Housekeeping 2.Low-cost opportunities 3.Retrofits What can we do?

7 1.Housekeeping  Inspect and maintain the air system and control and monitoring equipment.  Always shut off compressed air when not needed.  Never use compressed air for dusting and cooling.  Prevent leaks by checking joints, valves, fittings and hose connections. What can we do?

8 1.Housekeeping (cont’d)  Generate compressed air at the lowest possible pressure for each job.  Check that the system isn’t requiring higher pressure than it was designed for. Does it need recalibrating?  Maintain clean air filters to optimize system efficiency. What can we do?

9 2. Low-cost opportunities  Meter usage by end-point users.  Institute a usage cost breakdown per user.  Ask users to justify use. What can we do?

10 2. Low-cost opportunities (cont’d)  Eliminate hoses and couplings to reduce leaks.  Use the coolest possible intake air, and look at ways to use outside air.  Discharge air-cooled compressors outside in summer and inside in winter. What can we do?

11 2. Low-cost opportunities (cont’d)  Make sure the system is dry, to prevent leaks from corrosion and winter freeze ups.  Shut down the screw compressor and use the reciprocating compressor for partial loads. What can we do?

12 3. Investigate retrofits  Integrate independent compressed air generating and distributing circuits  Use an intelligent control system to reduce idle time and maintain correct pressure  Use a combustion-engine-driven compressor for heat recovery and better part-load efficiency than electrical motors. What can we do?

13 3. Investigate retrofits (cont’d)  Upgrade to an energy efficient compressed air dryer  Install a larger buffer tank to improve compressor loading on older compressors.  Use a centralized automatic leak-measuring system.  Replace old steel pipes with plastic pipes to avoid corrosion and leaking. What can we do?

14 We have the people We have the tools How can we do it?

15 Thank you Together we can make it happen. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for our bottom line.

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