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Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 1 of 19 FIT FOR THE FUTURE ???

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1 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 1 of 19 FIT FOR THE FUTURE ???

2 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 2 of 19 TAKE YOUR MARKS FOR THE FUTURE Keep up with the increasing requirements on the productivity of the machines in the production facility and keep the required flexibility for the future, is a crucial issue machine tool machine operators. Generally, the mechanical systems older generation are still in a good condition, however, the electronical and electrical are generally not in line with the latest technical standards. As the electrical equipment becomes older, productivity decreases, influenced by factors such as performance, functionality, reliability, service cost, spare part supply etc. In order to keep increase the productivity of the exisiting machines, Siemens is offering the program Fit for the Future.

3 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 3 of 19 The fitness program for your machine In practice, this means: Replacing the old machine control with the latest generation of CNC undepending from previous used control system, drives and motors. Depending on the particular application and task, various SINUMERIK controls can be used. The product range includes high performance SINUMERIK 840D/Di and 810D, as well the eco package 802S/C/D, combined with the SIMODRIVE family for the modernization processes.

4 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 4 of 19 Retrofit, benefits and advantages Depending on the equipment and the degree of retrofit, the following advantages can be obtained: - Productivity increase - More user-friendly operator control and programming - Faster machining cycles - Ability to machine more complex parts - Higher accuracy - High memory capacity - Reduced machine downtime - Reliable spare parts supply over a long period - Reliable and safe data transmission - Networking possibilities - Repair Service Contract included in the retrofit package Machine functionality is achieved according to the EC Machinery Directives

5 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 5 of 19 Retrofit, cost factor The cost are defined by the scope of the retrofit and the technology used in the future, e.g. which control system, motors, software, etc. A detailed quotation is made after in-depth evaluation of the present system. As a rough guideline, depending on the scope, a retrofit should not exceed approximately 1/3 of the capital investment cost from a new machine.

6 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 6 of 19 Retrofit, time factor The retrofit time depends completely on the scope of the retrofit work and can take several days up to several weeks. Based on experience it is possible to forecast for a basic machine a time around 2 weeks and for a complex machine around 8 weeks as a rough estimation. A time optimization is achievable, if the electrical drawing software and cabinet preparation can be done in advanced.

7 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 7 of 19 Retrofit expansion stages Retrofitting WMW-Niles lathe machine with ShopTurn application Investing in to the future and creating economic advantages is shown in the following example. In this retrofit, all electrical and electronical components were replaced, starting with the wiring, measuring system, control cabinet up to control panel. For this retrofit, SINUMERIK 840D with the SIMODRIVE 611D was chosen as state of the art CNC control system.

8 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 8 of 19 WMW-Niles before retrofit

9 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 9 of 19 Application stages

10 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 10 of 19 Application stages

11 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 11 of 19 Application stages

12 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 12 of 19 Application stages Benefits and advantages for the user: Reduction in idle times and downtime Increase in availability and therefore productivity Higher comfort in operator control and programming by ShopTurn Spare parts supply safeguarded for a longer period of time Higher quality and accuracy Up to 2 years warranty

13 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 13 of 19 Application stages

14 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 14 of 19 Retrofitting is a question of experience Necessary criteria for a retrofit case evaluation: Does the machine operates in each axis by his own motor? Machine manufacturer and machine nr.: Machine type: (Lathe, Milling, Grinding, etc…) Number of axis: Number of Spindle: Axis/Spindle motor data: (kW, Ampere) Spindle gear box? Axis measuring system? Accessories: (Tool Changer, Rotary Table, Palet Changer, etc.) Type of the accessories: Special functions: Hidrolic/Electrical documents? Mechanical retrofit needed?

15 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 15 of 19 We do retrofitting since 1994

16 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 16 of 19 Service Support Team

17 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 17 of 19 Sales Support Team

18 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 18 of 19 RIGHT DECISION, FOR A PROFITIBLE INVESTMENT What are the advantages of a complete retrofit compared to a new investment? Cost saving of up to approx.. 70% compared to a corresponding new investment. Short delivery and retrofit time, compared to a new investment. Special end customer requirements can be considered Existing facility and tools can be still used. Amortization mostly less than in a year. feasibility

19 Zeki Aydan / 27.03.03 / 19 of 19 Thank you for your attention

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