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Ragusa, Steering Committee Enaro

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1 Ragusa, Steering Committee Enaro
“Anders Werken” Ragusa, Steering Committee Enaro by Andre Baas

2 COA’s future Report Scheltema Future COA Continuity Culture

3 Why “Anders werken” Where is COA coming from? Why now “Anders werken”?
“Anders werken” through cooperation

4 “Anders werken” – Where is COA coming from
New Receptionmodel New mission/vision Reorganisation of support structures Organisation development

5 Why now “Anders werken”
Changed perspective: - Previous model had its limits: minimum capacity of - Consequence: closing down centers and firing staff in the primairy proces - Consequence: overhead % to high Financial task (budget cuts) Need to organise governmental bodies in a more compact manner Improved cooperation with the chainpartners

6 What means “Anders werken”?
Quality and simplicity Further professionalism Further cooperation with the chainpartners Operations is the main task Confidence in advance, accountability afterwards

7 Decision Reduction of 200 fte
Norm Ernst & Young: 25,5 – 28,5 % overhead Per 1 september % overhead Per 1 september 2013 within the norm

8 Decision: organogram

9 Top-structure Top-structure: Three members in the board:
Less management levels Faster decisions Responsibility at the lowest level as possible

10 Unit-structure The lowest level is a unit Each unit has a unitmanager
Responsibilities as low as possible

11 Operations Uitvoering

12 Staff

13 Support units Portefeuille Bedrijfsvoering Portefeuille Uitvoering
Raad van Toezicht Bestuur Voorzitter Twee leden Staf Unit Noord Unit Zuid Unit West Unit Oost Unit Uitvoerings-processen Unit Plaatsing Unit ICT Unit Administra-tie & Inkoop Unit Huisves-ting Unit HRM Unit Juridische Zaken Support units

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