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What is valorisation ? Growth €

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1 LEONARDO DA VINCI Valorisation and Thematic monitoring European Commission DG Education & Culture

2 What is valorisation ? Growth €
Innovative Dissemination Exploitation work by promoters of results of results by users What is valorisation ? Growth € New product/new process Consortium wide Europe wide R&D project Pilot projectLDV CD Web … Employment

3 Valorisation = Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

4 Final Aims To increase the impact of LdV on VET systems in Europe: better employment, better growth, European Council targets (Lisbon & Barcelona)

5 Ex-post = linear model of innovation Valorisation
Innovative work By promoters Dissemination Exploitation by users Too late (out moded) Users’need not well taken into account No involvement of users

6 Ex-ante = interactive model of innovation
Dissemination Exploitation € € Interactivity between promoters & users Valorisation plan from the start of the project Very successful Innovative work Users Promoters

7 LdV valorisation Overview
LdV I ( ): not mentioned LdV II ( ): mentioned but -ex-post ( ) for LdVI projects -ex-ante (voluntary basis ) LdV II projects -ex-ante compulsory ( ) LdV II projects

8 Ex-ante and Compulsory For all programmes (not only LdV)
Post 2006: VALORISATION = Ex-ante and Compulsory For all programmes (not only LdV)

9 Valorisation: LdV Valorisation “post-mortem” of LdV I projects Difficult since most projects results : Out moded Lack of user friendliness Not in line with users’needs

10 Valorisation LdV 2003- 2004 (1) Building on Thematic Monitoring
Launched in 2002 for Exchange of experience between promoters Since 2003: introduction of ex-ante valorisation on a voluntary basis (600 projects/1000)

11 Valorisation: LdV 2003-2004 (2) Each running project:
To introduce focus on needs of end-users/ target groups To involve “prescriptors” and decision makers To elaborate a valorisation plan To foresee piloting/experimentation

12 Valorisation: Ldv (3) Thematic Monitoring (ex-ante valorisation) Valorisation Conferences (2 x €) in 2004 (running or finished projects) Transfer of Innovation ( €) in 2004

13 Thematic Monitoring (1)
To promote synergies between project actors To develop exchanges of experience To improve quality and impact at individual project level To gain a better overview of project content To increase global impact at programme level To strenghten the networking between projects, practitioners and decision makers

14 Thematic Monitoring (2)
: 5 thematic groups were identified: Integration into the Labour Market Development of skills within SMEs Adaptation of the training supply and new training methods (quality in training) Transparency, assessment and validation of knowledge E-Learning

15 Thematic Monitoring (3)
Sectoral approach: To be implemented in 2004

16 Thematic Monitoring (4) National Agencies
5 “lead agencies” in 2003 Thematic Monitoring : open to all Agencies Agencies= expertise from the ground NB: All agencies expected to promote ex-ante valorisation in all their projects

17 Thematic Monitoring (5) All National Agencies =
Essential contribution Expertise Synergie

18 Thematic Monitoring (6)
Thematic Seminars: in Brussels for cost-effectiveness (5/7/04 – 17/9/04 – 28/10/04 – 8/11/04 – 26/11/04 – 3/12/04) Bringing together project promoters belonging to the same thematic (or sectoral) groups and some potential end-users, experts, National Agencies, practitioners, decision makers etc Annual valorisation Conferences (around Europe)

19 Valorisation Conferences (1) (open to thematic monitoring and other organisers)
Bringing together successful promoters (innovative product/process) and potential users Focus on meeting users’ needs

20 Valorisation Conferences (2)
2 Calls for Proposals for Valorisation events till Feb 2005 ( €) Conferences, seminars and linked exhibitions bringing together promoters and end-users

21 Valorisation Conferences (3)
First Call for proposals closed: evaluation under way (results mid-April) Second Call for Proposals to be launched end April (deadline end June): good opportunity for the National agency

22 Maastricht Conference
“Strengthening European Co-Operation in Vocational Education and Training” Conference: 15/12/04 (600 participants : Ministers, AN, DGVT, LdV Committee, Promoters, users, decision-makers) Exhibition: 14-17/12/04 with first “LdV awards”

23 Transfer of Innovation
2 Calls for proposals Funding available for translation, adaptation, testing of finished or semi-finished LdV projects First Call completed Second Call: published 16 March deadline 1 June (Value: €)

24 LdV 2005-2006 New Call for Proposals
Ex-ante valorisation becomes compulsory A valorisation plan to be explicited in the proposal Therafter to be updated during the lifetime of the project

25 Valorisation Plan (1) Identifying user need and group of users to be associated to the project during all his lifetime Identifying “prescriptors” & decision makers Identifying milestones for their “involvment”

26 Valorisation Plan (2) 3 key questions to be answered :
What is the expected project result? What training needs are met ? Who will be end-user?

27 Valorisation Plan (3) - Define dissemination and exploitation activities Specify how (most adequate means) Specify at which step (most efficient and appropriate timing) Foresee necessary resources (human and financial ressources)

28 The LLL programme proposal 2007-2013 (1)
4 sectoral programmes integrated: Comenius Erasmus Leonardo da Vinci Grundtvig

29 The LLL programme proposal 2007-2013 (2)
A transversal programme: Policy development Language learning New technologies (ICT) Valorisation

30 The LLL programme proposal 2007-2013 (3)
Integrated programme Comenius School education Erasmus Higher education & advanced training Leonardo da Vinci Initial and continuing VET Grundtvig Adult education Transversal programme 4 key activities : Policy development; Language learning; ICT; Valorisation Jean Monnet programme 3 key activities – Jean Monnet Action; European Institutions; European Associations

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