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A New Nation Developing the Constitution and formation of a New Independent United States of America.

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1 A New Nation Developing the Constitution and formation of a New Independent United States of America


3 America at its infancy..1783


5 So now what? Discussion of own governments Challenges Inclusions Differences/Similarities to others governments

6 Republic Vs. Democracy Democracy= government directly in the hands of the people Republic= Citizens rule through elected officials Founding Fathers choose: Democratic- Repulic WHY?

7 What are the challenges of becoming a brand new country? Money Military Government Not becoming like Britain Leaders States actually being UNITED

8 Each State to it’s own! Each states had been acting likes it’s own separate country since the 1600’s Each state had a different Constitution and Government style States wanted the Power in the hands of the State, not the Federal Centralized Government

9 THINK – PAIR – SHARE WHY Would each state be afraid of Centralized power?

10 Articles of Confederation Activity Read pages 194-195 What was the Articles of Confederation? Strengths? Weaknesses?

11 Articles of Confederation (1775- 1789)

12 Activity continued As a group read through articles IV to XIII Analyze and examine the powers by the AOC granted to the states and to the National (Federal) Government Examine your own government…do you have any similarities to the AOC? Examine the weakness of the AOC Weakness of your own government

13 Continental Congress DECISIONS: 1. Each state would get ONE vote 2. Articles of Confederation 2 levels of government :share power STATES SUPREME 50% FEDERAL SUPREME 50% − Borrow money, Go to war, Sign treaties, Set up a currency, Postal service, Deal with Native Americans (Should be in chart)

14 StrengthsWeaknesses 1.Conduct foreign affairs 2.Issue Currency ($) 3.Maintain armed forces 4.Postal system 5.Declare war and make peace 1.Central govern’t weak 2.Only one-house Congress 3.No executive or judicial branch 4.Needed all 13 states to amend 5.Could not tax 6.Could not regulate trade 7.Could not protect copyrights 8.Could not take other necessary actions to run the federal govern’t 9.To pass laws= 9 out of 13 to approve

15 Down Fall of the AOC: Could not create a separate identity for the executive department (Leader) No court system (decide on laws) Can’t Amend it!!!

16 AOC and issues that arise after the Revolution 1781-1789 Read through Chapter 7: Sec. 1 and 2 Provide notes on your section on your white board Provide a picture of your concept Be ready to share with class

17 Issues Land Policies Financial Problems Problems with Britain Problems with Spain Shay’s Rebellion Issue with slavery

18 What about the Land we get for winning the Revolutionary War? Some wanted it be turned over to the new government of the USA. Governing the new land/territory was a big task

19 Problems: Based on your reading, what are some other problems the new USA endured? *$ *GB *Spain

20 Problems arise!!! Lack unity Each state pursued own interests Each state had still only ONE vote Articles of Confederation could not be AMMENDED!!!!! Debt left from war (WHO WILL PAY?) 9 out of the 13 states were needed to pass ANY law Congress could not Tax or regulate trade – states did this on their own

21 Shay’s Rebellion Exit Slip: What would you have done in this situation? How did this rebellion really show the weakness of the AOC?

22 Slavery What is the plan? What can be compromised on this delicate topic?

23 THINK- PAIR - SHARE “ What a triumph for enemies… to find we are incapable of governing ourselves” -George Washington

24 Eventually, Constitutional Convention 1787 All states (except Rhode Island) met in Philadelphia to discuss plans for a new Constitution. How do we become the UNITED States of America? 55 delegates: − Merchants − planters − Lawyers − Well-educate

25 THINK PAIR SHARE Virginia Plan – what does it propose? (page 202) New Jersey Plan – what does it propose (203) What happens with these two plans?

26 Virginia Plan: More to states with big population Dominate the Congress Versus New Jersey Plan: Favored smaller states, single house congress Each state had an equal vote

27 So, how do we finally agree on the Constitution? Stayed tuned!!!!!!

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