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Technology Worth Knowing Tools to success in Ms. Lynde’s classroom.

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1 Technology Worth Knowing Tools to success in Ms. Lynde’s classroom.

2 Learn to love it! * Create an account for yourself. *Make sure your password is one you can remember and make sure it includes at least 2 numeric placeholders for safety sake.

3 Go to documents and save or print a copy of the WEB 2.0 Document listing WEB resources for your use.

4 Make sure to sign in on the spreadsheet with your email information.


6 Comment on VoiceThread

7 VoiceThread Do’s and Don’t’s Voicethread Dos and Don’ts: A Student Introduction Student Name: __________________________________ We will be using a web based discussion called VoiceThread. There are certain things you should know before logging in, though: Voicethread Dos: 1.Do Log In: 2.Do write with detail and elaboration: One of the biggest mistakes that users make when joining a Voicethread conversation is posting � throw-away � comments—or comments that don’t add anything interesting to a conversation. Always make sure that your comments are thoughtful—and that they include enough detail for others to learn from! 3.Do read and respond to the thoughts of others: Voicethread presentations are supposed to be conversations between students—and conversations depend on readers that are willing to listen to and challenge the thinking of their peers! For every new idea that you share in a presentation, try to add a comment that includes a response or a question directed at a peer. 4.Do help your teachers monitor conversations: Most of the students at our school are intelligent and responsible—which means that we’ll probably never see inappropriate comments or bullying in our Voicethread presentations. If you do see this kind of content, though, report it to your teacher. Let’s make sure that we represent ourselves well. Working together, we’ll be able to watch over our conversations a lot easier than working alone! Voicethread Don’ts: 1.Don’t give away your identity: Many of our Voicethread presentations are public and can be found on the Internet by anyone! While that kind of audience is neat, it means we need to follow responsible rules for keeping ourselves safe. Never use your complete real name, the name of your friends, or the name of your neighborhood, teachers or schools in your posts. Also, never use your image—either in a webcam comment or in a picture. Besides, remaining anonymous is actually kind of fun! 2.Don’t post anything inappropriate: While we want you to keep yourself anonymous from outsiders, teachers can always track down the students responsible for individual images or comments—even if you’re using a fake name! Any students who post comments that are inappropriate for any reason will lose their Voicethread privileges and face other school-based consequences. We want to have conversations—but they need to be responsible conversations, too!

8 Web Sites for Class Use Sites for Collaboration, Research, and Organization 2.For free and legal software try open source software (where true geeks try to one-up each other) 3. 4. 5. Sites for Brainstorming, Notetaking Sites for Video, Comic Production and Drawing or Image Manipulation Sites for Creative Commons/ Information you can use without fear of copyright infringement 11. 12. 13. 14.

9 TO DO LIST Monday: Create a google account. Provide your account information below (I will keep it private) _____________________________________________________________ Tuesday: Sign in to Google Docs and add your contact information to the class spreadsheet. Wednesday: Download from either Google Docs, Schoolspace, or my wikipage the document Great Sites for Classroom Use. Visit one site and familiarize yourself with it. Sign it at the bottom, date it, and staple it to this document. Thursday: download and read the VoiceThread Dos and Don’ts document available on Google Docs, Schoolspace, or my wikipage. Sign it at the bottom, date it, and staple it to this document. Friday: Comment on our first class VoiceThread found at

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