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Moodle, Blogs, Wikis and More Exploring Web 2.0 Tools: The 2nd Generation of the World Wide Web.

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1 Moodle, Blogs, Wikis and More Exploring Web 2.0 Tools: The 2nd Generation of the World Wide Web

2 What Is Web 2.0? Web 1.0 Surfing to Static Web Pages Use of Search Engines to find info Web 2.0 Web-based Applications Information created by and/or modified by users

3 Web 2.0 Characteristics Simplified Content Creation May combine information from several sources Technical knowledge not important Users can focus on ideas, creativity and collaboration Often publicly available and Free!

4 Moodle Course Management System (CMS) Open Source Software designed to help create and manage online courses Roseburg Public Schools Moodle Professional Learning Communities Oregon Math Leaders Institute (OMLI)

5 Using Moodle Visit a Moodle Try a few things Log in Change your password Repsond to the Welcome Forum

6 Moodle in Action Oregon Virtual School District Every School District has access Use Existing Content Create Your Own Online Class Explore!

7 Blog Short for Web Log What is a blog? A web site that is an online journal with reflections and comments Often contains links to other sites Readers can usually add comments and interact with the blog author

8 Using a Blog Visit a Blog Try a few things Make a comment to a post Follow a link View an embedded video

9 Blogs in the Classroom Ideas for using Blogs Weekly “Newsletter” Sharing Student Work Lesson Plans Absent Student Information Resources for Parents Feedback from Parents

10 Sign Up for Your Own Blog WordPress Google’s Blogger EduBlogs

11 Wiki A Hawaiian word meaning quick A Wiki is a collection of web pages where anyone can be given the ability to create or modify contentWiki Best known example is probably Wikipedia Wikipedia

12 Using a Wiki Visit a Wiki Try a Few Things Edit the Wiki (don’t forget to save!) Check the Wiki History Try Adding a link

13 Wikis in the Classroom Ideas for using Wikis Create and share a document with other teachers to work together on a lesson plan or project Access information from both home and school computers Students can do peer-editing of writing Write a collaborative story Take class notes and share them with others Interact with students in other places Wiki-Walk-Through

14 Sign Up for Your Own Wiki Wikispaces for Educators Google Docs

15 Some Google Tools We all know about Google More to Google than searching Google’s Plan for World Domination

16 Google Forms Need an easy way to collect data Try It nhFbEszRFJRLUU4VUE6MA.. View Responses/Data

17 Google Reader A single application to read all the blogs that interest you A way to manage blog subscriptions

18 Google Start Page A Home page that is customized to your needs Google Gadgets for almost any topic Visit Click on iGoogle

19 VoiceThread Online media album that can hold various types of media like images, documents and videos Allows users to comment by text, voice, audio file or video Link to VoiceThreadVoiceThread

20 Web 2.0 Tips Give yourself enough time to try out a tool before using it with students Most tools require the creation of an account and usually require e-mail Keep a list of user names and passwords for your accounts Let your principal and tech coordinator know what you are up to

21 Is There More? You Bet! See the Web 2.0 Directory

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