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Technology SafeKEY.

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1 Technology SafeKEY

2 “Think before you click!”
What is Technology SafeKEY? “Think before you click!”

3 “Don’t let those you care for risk their safety or even yours via technology. Take action. Help educate your friends and family about the KEY to being safe on the internet.”

4 Importance Technology, although useful can also be dangerous. Everyone should be educated on how to utilize technology to the best of their ability without putting their safety at risk. Sometimes, people use technology to get a first impression of you. This will affect your future.

5 Why care for your identity?

6 Why care for your identity?
Strangers can find out about whom you are rather easily if you don’t work to keep things private. Things they can learn include your thoughts, school, community, and sometimes even home. The saying goes, “Don’t talk to strangers” but if you don’t care for identity, you are practically telling them every little bit of information about yourself.

7 Being Safe about Identity
Keep your personal information private. Only add friends you know in real life. Recommended to set your profiles to private. Don’t let your privacy settings be 100% public. Remember that strangers could be seeing what you think, do and even the area you live in Use a nickname that doesn’t identify your location, gender, or age.

8 Being Safe about Identity
Never meet in person with anyone you first met online. Alter your pictures and videos before you post them to remove identifying information. Profile and photo share only with people on your friends list. Don’t post your plans or whereabouts publically. Ignore harassing or rude comments posted on your profile. Never post inappropriate content.

9 What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is bullying through electronic technology. Examples: mean text messages/ s rumors sent by or posted on social networks embarrassing pictures, videos, websites fake profiles

10 Cyberbullying NEVER DO THIS!
Cyber bullying may lead to the self-harm and other devastating effects. If you are a victim, tell a trusted adult and don’t let the words get to you. If you see cyber bullying, do something to help.

11 What if I am being cyberbullied?
If you are being cyber-bullied, it is important to document it by saving evidence and screen-shotting it and reporting it to an adult or someone who can help.

12 Words and Pictures Words as well as pictures are powerful:
They can hurt those around you who don’t quite understand the context of your words. Give a negative image to yourself and even your friends and family.

13 Consequences of Improper Technology Use
Think about the possible consequences! Getting kicked off of a team Getting suspended or even expelled from school Losing friends Losing trust Getting rejected from a college you want to go to Getting denied a job you want Being followed by a stranger

14 Permanent Effects Even if you happen to realize a wrongdoing on your part and delete something you post, someone could have seen it. Screenshots! In the case you were to cyber bully, the victim could print out your post and report your action. Same goes for pictures. This isn’t anything you, the poster, can do anything about. The only thing you can do is to think before you click. Once you post something, it is left out there forever even upon deletion.

15 What can I post then?

16 What can I post then? You can post things:
you are comfortable with sharing with others (including your family) (ex: pictures of your dog) you are comfortable with people having access to save or print that wouldn’t make people think twice about you wouldn’t hurt those around you

17 Don’t Let Things Go In the case you find someone else posting mean things about yourself or a friend, don’t just let it happen. If you do, the situation may worsen. Cyberbullying is NEVER okay! Tell a trusted adult about the situation. Print out evidence from the site before the bully decides to delete it. In the case of extreme harassment, contact your local authorities or report it at

18 Leading Be a role model for others by
NOT Posting anything inappropriate Ignoring any harassing or rude comments posted on your profile Tell a trusted adult if you see any cyber bullying or are a victim of it yourself Take a screenshot of the evidence if this is to ever happen

19 Interactive Session


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