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THE Simple Past Tense.

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1 THE Simple Past Tense

2 Verbs can be regular irregular (2nd column in the list of irregular verbs) watch - watched stay – stayed phone - phoned arrive – arrived stop - stopped drop – dropped cry - cried try - tried be – was, were go –went have – had come – came teach - tought

3 Positive form Tom stayed in bed. I wanted to find a clock. Helen went to a wedding. It was horrible. Someone took it while we were away.

4 Negative form Verb TO BE Other verbs We weren’t home.
Their son wasn’t with him in Paris. They didn’t take anything else. The gardener didn’t steal the clock. Mr Salt didn’t call the police. DIDN’T + INFINITIVE

5 Interrogative form (questions)
Verb TO BE Other verbs Were you here yesterday? Was your wife with you? Where was the clock? (QUESTION WORD) WAS/WERE + SUBJECT Did they steal anything else? Did Helen go to a concert? Where did you go last week? Why did you call the police? (QUESTION WORD) + DID+ SUBJECT + INFINITVE

6 Past Simple is used for actions which started in the past and finished in the past and we know when it happened b) with these time expressions: yesterday, last _____, in 2009, when I was little, a week ago

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