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Let Us Be Their Life Line! St Louis Nuns Work In Brazil.

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1 Let Us Be Their Life Line! St Louis Nuns Work In Brazil.


3 Their Organisation Like many religious communities, St Louis Sisters were founded in post-revolutionary France, in 1842, in July, outside Paris.


5 Their Founder The founder, Louis Marie Eugene Bautain, was guided by the Spirit of Sint Unum – May they be one. His passion of one world, healed, unified, and transformed, continues to inspire all we do today.


7 Mission Statement We, Sisters of Saint Louis, commit ourselves to live God’s love for the whole of creation and especially to stand in solidarity with the poor and marginalised.


9 Could you live like this? …








17 However, there are people who care in the world…



20 Like the St. Louis Sisters..




24 Only the beginning The St. Louis Ecology Group was set up in the Irish Region in 1993. The role of the group was to offer leadership, educate, and raise awareness of this important issue in the Region. From the outset this group aimed to link Ecology with theology, scripture, spirituality and our founding charism SINT UNUM-That all may be one.


26 This was honouring the thinking of our founder Abbe Louis Bautain who in a diary published the year after his death 1868 numbered “cosmology ( the study of the world and of nature )” with theology and philosophy as the three domains of human knowledge needing to be harmonized, “a noble enterprise of exploration” he named it.


28 There are approximately 500 Sisters of St. Louis around the world - Ireland, Brazil, England, France, Ghana, Nigeria and the USA. They also have a foundation in the Republic of Benin. This has been established by the Nigeria province. They are involved in a diversity of ministries: health care, education in its many facets, counselling, writing. retreat giving, spiritual direction, parish ministry, care of the elderly, women’s issues and much more.


30 What will you do to help?


32 Will you be their life line?

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