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St. Genevieve’s High School “Releasing Potential Together”

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2 St. Genevieve’s High School “Releasing Potential Together”

3 St. Genevieve’s High School When did the school open? 1 st September 1966 by the Louis Sisters Who was the first principal? Sister Mona When did the new Trench House Building open? 25 th of February 2002 Current Principal? Mrs Smith

4 Our School Badge

5 Our school badge represents the St. Louis Coat of Arms. Every St. Louis school either in France, Ghana, Nigeria, California, Brazil, England and across Ireland carries the same coat of arms.

6 What does the Badge Mean? UT SINT UNIM This is Latin for May They Be One. This is taken from St John’s Gospel and was Christ’s prayer for the unity of the whole world. We as St. Genevieve’s students should pray and work for justice and unity in our world.

7 DIEU LE VEULT This is French for God Wills It. This was the rallying cry of the crusaders, lead by King Louis of France who went to fight pagan wars in the east.

8 School Badge - Symbols The Sword Represents King Louis fighting. King Louis was proclaimed a saint by the Catholic Church for his outstanding work for Christianity.

9 The Crown of Thorns Was captured near Jerusalem and taken to France by King Louis. It is now in Saint Chapelle, Paris.

10 Fleu De Lis (bottom right) Is a symbol of French Monarchy – King Louis

11 Symbol of Ulster (bottom left) The first St Louis Convent in Ireland was in Monaghan

12 The Gold Chain Symbolises unity which exists between each member of the congregation and between members in all schools and places where the sisters of St. Louis work.

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