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Education in the Vision of the Sisters of Notre Dame Our Story, Mission, Charism Our Educational Heritage, Vision and Principles.

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1 Education in the Vision of the Sisters of Notre Dame Our Story, Mission, Charism Our Educational Heritage, Vision and Principles

2 Women on Mission 1850 Hilligonde Wolbring Elisabeth Kuhling

3 Two young professional women Dedicated teachers, strong in education & spirituality Wanted to do more—to take care of orphaned & neglected children

4 1849/1850 Hilligonde Wolbring Elisabeth Kuhling Fr. Theodor Elting


6 Coesfeld Amersfoort By 1855: 11 members, 22 novices Schools Orphanages Teacher Training program

7 From Germany to America July 4, 1874

8 In Cleveland: 1876: Started at St. Peter and St. Stephen Schools with 3 sisters each 1878: Provincial Center at East 18 th & Superior with Notre Dame Academy, both elementary & high school 1915: Provincial Center & NDA moved to Ansel Road 1922: Notre Dame College began at Ansel Road; 1928: NDC moved to South Euclid 1960 to 1963: Provincial Center & NDA moved to Chardon

9 In the USA Four Provinces: Chardon OH 350 Toledo OH 216 Covington KY 130 Los Angeles CA 60 Sponsored Institutions in SND National Education Partnership: 5 high schools in CA,KY,OH 5 elementary in CA,KY,OH 1 college in OH 1 medical center in KY 1 nursing care center in KY

10 28 Affiliated Schools in SND National Education Partnership CA: 3 & 1 HS KY: 3 FL: 2 & 2 HS IN: 1 NC: 1 & 1 HS OH: 13 & 1 HS Other Ministries: Parish Work, Pastoral Care, Retreats, Counseling, Hospitals, Hospice, Chaplaincy, United Nations

11 NicaraguaViet Nam China Throughout the World

12 2200 Sisters 18 countries on five continents working with tens of thousands of collaborators. 2010


14 SND Educational Heritage: shaped by the persons in whom the charism and mission lived

15 Sr. Maria Ignatia (Elisabeth Kuhling) Rev. Theodor Elting Sr. Maria Aloysia (Hilligonde Wolbring) Rev. Bernard Overberg St. Julie Billiart

16 The Overberg Legacy God, a loving Creator, is constantly working to bring human beings to fullness of life in union with Himself. The process of education is a particular way of assisting people to fullness of life….by developing into the human beings they are called to be.

17 The ministry of teachers includes: Leading people to the beauty and joy of a God-centered life Helping people develop God’s special gifts to them as human beings Assisting people to acquire the human competencies needed to live in the world Devoting themselves to their students with genuine love and respect

18 Overberg’s approach fostered a classroom atmosphere of: respect and love student-centered learning questions conversation narrative education related to daily life religious instruction that touched both mind and heart

19 The Billiart Legacy Willing to be on mission beyond the borders of dioceses and countries Valuing persons for who they are and not for what they do Focusing on education of the poor …especially girls and women Viewing catechesis as the heart of ministry Ministering with an attitude of love

20 The Wolbring Legacy Ministering with profound, caring love Being at God’s disposal Always willing to do whatever needed to be done Educating and caring for children, especially the poor and neglected

21 Educational Institute of SNDs Rome, 1950 1.Articulation of the principles of education, the philosophy which governs them and the traditions that have been handed down by word of mouth, or through personal contacts with our outstanding pioneer educators 2.Assessment on how we live these traditions today wherever we are

22 Cornerstones of Education: Dignity of the teacher Worth of the individual student Thoroughness of instruction Centrality of religion (Educational Institute, Rome, 1950)

23 International Education Conference - Brazil, 2007 Theme: “Go...Wrap our World in Hope!” Purpose: A deepening of our educational identity in our present multicultural reality

24 Educational Principles The Centrality of a Good and Provident God The Human Dignity of Each Person as an Image of God The Notre Dame Educator as a Gospel Witness An Integrated Education for Transformation

25 Educational Vision Impelled by Jesus Christ and his mission and our rich educational heritage, We provide a Catholic environment of educational excellence for the transformation of individuals and society. We form persons who are skilled and committed to journey together in hope as witnesses and catalysts for the responsible care of all God’s creation and for justice and peace, especially for those on the margins of society.

26 SND National Education Office

27 Our Challenge Our predecessors shaped our heritage by living the charism and mission We continue to shape it with and for the people of God.

28 Nicaragua Viet Nam China Energized by this renewed expression, we hope SND Education will continue to influence the future through dedicated Notre Dame educators, lay and religious, t hroughout the world. THANK YOU!

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