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Becoming More Intentionally Focused on Leader Development: A Universitys First Steps Presentation to Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) July.

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1 Becoming More Intentionally Focused on Leader Development: A Universitys First Steps Presentation to Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) July 17, 2009 Robert Vigliotti, Ph.D. and Emmett E. Perry, Ph.D., Rockhurst University

2 Mission and Vision Our Mission Rockhurst University exists to: Transform lives Create a learning community centered on excellence Engage with the life and growth of the city and the region Serve the contemporary world Captured succinctly by our motto: Learning, Leadership, and Service in the Jesuit Tradition

3 Mission and Vision Our Vision Rockhurst University will be nationally recognized for transforming lives and forming leaders in the Jesuit tradition. Inspired by the example of St. Ignatius of Loyola, this Catholic university community seeks to make Gods good world better through learning, leadership, service, and the pursuit of justice.

4 Opportunities and Insights Opportunity: To take stock of what were doing in leader development Insights : Several good programs already in place to encourage leader development among students Could and should be doing more for our students development

5 Opportunities and Insights Opportunity: To grow our leader development program Insights: Promote development in all students Not just those already motivated to participate in leadership programs Involves the whole Rockhurst community Goes beyond curricular to more co-curricular components

6 Opportunities and Insights Opportunity: Integrate leader development into the whole educational process Insights: Create a culture of leadership Include faculty and staff in the lifelong process Help each person understand leadership as it relates to his or her individual gifts

7 Opportunities and Insights Opportunity: To be more deliberate and systematic about how to promote leader development Insights: Need a solid conceptual foundation that can: Integrate existing leader development programs Guide the formation of new, wider, and more comprehensive programs

8 Our Challenge To arrive at a succinct account of leadership in the Jesuit tradition that will serve as the foundation of an integrated and university-wide effort to foster leader development for all members of the Rockhurst community whatever their roles may be.

9 Foundational Beliefs These beliefs: Flow naturally from Catholic and specifically Ignatian beliefs, values, and spirituality Expressed in central Jesuit concepts such as magis and cura personalis, and others Expressed, more importantly, in the act of leading

10 Foundational Beliefs Include: The Nature of the World Created and guided by God's will Good in itself despite the very evident flaws as it is now Recognized as a gift of great beauty and majesty The Value of Each Human Being Created in the image of God Has inherent worth and dignity Has unrealized potential for goodness

11 Foundational Beliefs Include: Our Role in Life To play our particular role in God's purposes To embrace the world as we find it To commit ourselves to making it better and to transforming ourselves to better achieve that goal To begin our servant leadership from where we stand right now Learning and service are essentially intertwined with leading Directed toward knowledge of God's will revealed in creation Make us more effective instruments of service

12 Foundational Beliefs Include: Everyone leads We all face circumstances demanding leadership Not a function of positional role Leading has many forms Transform others to be leaders themselves Fr. Kolvenbachs term multiplying agents Highly participatory with community

13 Another Challenge Diverse Communities Beliefs not shared by all members of our community Express in a way that engages and motivates all members

14 Definition of Leadership Leadership is an overflow of inner spirit that inspires and influences others to join together to achieve worthy purposes.

15 Personal and Moral Characteristics Ad Majorem Dei Gloria Being guided by a higher purpose for the greater glory of God Imago Dei Recognizing as an image of God of the value and intrinsic worth and value of every person Cura personalis Showing in action a profound respect for the dignity of others Helping others to reach their fullest potential

16 Personal and Moral Characteristics Magis Being called always to give more of ourselves Courage Standing by ones core moral values despite difficulties and temptations Embracing change when it helps serve others more efficaciously Self-awareness Having an honest and accurate self-understanding of their own capacities and weaknesses

17 Learning Objectives Understand your uniqueness. Develop your capabilities, your values, and your worldview; Develop life-long skill in self-examination focused on aligning actions with core values and personal goals; Motivate yourself and others to recognize and pursue worthy aims; Confidently innovate and adapt to lead with integrity in a changing world; and Through service to others, learn to engage others with a positive, loving attitude. Adapted from Chris Lowney, Heroic Leadership, 294-295.

18 Model for Leader Development Reflection Evaluation Recording Action Experience Context Adapted from: Ignation Pedagogy, Society of Jesus website:

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