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Supporting Student Engagement

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1 Supporting Student Engagement
University of East London

2 Introductions John Joe Mulherin Student Experience Manager

3 Student Life / student support
Where can students get help? Student Life / student support

4 Ground Floor of the R Building
Student Life Where to Find Us (Stratford) Ground Floor of the R Building

5 Student Life Where to Find Us (Docklands) 4th Floor of the
Docklands Library

6 Central Support Helpdesk
Make appointments with the support teams Collect cheques for bursaries, grants and loans Amend student records Get a replacement Student ID Card Validate 18+ Oyster Card applications Get letters to verify student status

7 Health and Wellbeing General/physical wellbeing advice and support
Initial support consultations (ISC) Counselling Registering with a GP

8 Disability and Dyslexia Team
Advice, information and guidance on disability matters Assistance with claiming disability-related government funding Assistance with reasonable adjustments to support studies (e.g. exam arrangements) Advice about learning difficulties Dyslexia Screening

9 Student Money Advice & Rights (SMART) Team
Government funding advice Bursaries, grants and scholarships External funding opportunities Money management tips Improving financial capability

10 Student Website

11 Engagement for achievement
Helping Students Succeed Engagement for achievement

12 Engaging in Student Life
“Social engagement can be seen to create a sense of belonging and offer informal support through interaction with friends and peers. Social engagement takes place in the social sphere of the institution, including social spaces, sport clubs and societies, the students’ union, in student accommodation and through shared living arrangements…”

13 SU Student Societies Academic and Subject Societies
International and Cultural Societies Groups of students on specific courses at UEL, at specific UEL schools, or interested in specific career paths. These groups may organise academic activities and study groups, or they may simply give students a chance to socialise with others on their course. Groups of international students from a specific part of the world and friends, or students interested in specific cultures.

14 SU Student Societies Performance and Arts Societies
Campaigns and Community Societies  Groups of students who enjoy or practice a particular creative activity such as dance, performance, drama, music, entertainments, media, or other art forms. Groups of students united in a common cause. This includes political groups, religious groups, charitable groups and campaigning groups. Hobby and Common Interest Societies Groups of students who enjoy a particular activity or interest for its own sake, or any other student groups which do not fit into the other four groups.

15 The Underground Bar, Docklands
Campus Social Spaces The Underground Bar, Docklands To include on and off campus (e.g. Aqua East, O2, Freshers Week Line-up, etc). The Red Room, Stratford

16 Engaging in Curriculum Design
QAA Quality Code – Chapter B5 “This Chapter covers student engagement at undergraduate and postgraduate level, irrespective of location, mode of study, teaching delivery, or discipline. The Chapter focuses on the provision of an inclusive environment for student engagement. That environment anticipates the varied needs of learners and aims to ensure that all students have equal access to educational opportunities.” InformationAndGuidance/Documents/B5.pdf

17 Programme Reps Programme Committees Two Per Year

18 SU Elected Representatives
President Imran Hussein VP Education (HSB & Cass) Amirah Mohamud VP Societies & Comm’s (Cass & HSB) Adrian Patsalos VP Community & Development (ADI & Combined) Jitesh Mondal VP Welfare (RDBS & ACE) Edna Chirwa

19 Student Experience Surveys
National Student Survey Internal Programme Survey Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey Postgraduate Research Experience Survey Module Evaluations

20 Student Feedback You Said, We Did

21 Attendance = Success Encourage attendance
Get students involved in the sessions Remind them to tap in at the start of class

22 Attendance = Success Laura Jane Thompson – Retention Manager

23 Thanks For Listening Please ask questions.

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