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LEEDS BECKETT UNIVERSITY Student Induction Student Representation Quality Assurance Services.

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1 LEEDS BECKETT UNIVERSITY Student Induction Student Representation Quality Assurance Services

2 Context “ We want to put students at the heart of everything we do at QAA, to help you to be active participants in shaping your own education. For us, student engagement is about giving all students the opportunity and encouragement to get involved in quality assurance and the enhancement of higher education”. Quality Assurance AgencyQuality Assurance Agency “Putting students at the centre of our activities and providing a flexible and relevant curriculum with excellent teaching and learning”, Theme 1, The Strategic Plan The Strategic Plan

3 Focus of development session Students Induction Entitlements Engagement Representation

4 Student Induction To welcome students to the institution and to assist the transition of students into higher education or onto the next level of study Partner responsible for devising student induction programme University support through the Link Tutor / Franchise Coordinator

5 What do students want? 1.Opportunity to make friends 2.Pre-induction information 3.Learning involved – will they cope? 4.Benefit of the course 5.Flexible induction programme to fit around other commitments i.e. family, jobs Research undertaken by Nottingham Trent University / University of Bradford

6 University expectations of induction Course Handbook Student Entitlements Academic Principles and Regulations Course content and structure Support available Relationship to the University Student Charter (if applicable)Student Charter Full list available in Operational Guidance for Franchise Delivery

7 Student entitlements Induction Feedback Personal tutor External input into course development Clear information about assessment and expectations around feedback Clear information about the course and support available Full list of student entitlements available in Course Handbook template

8 Start of the academic journey Clear expectations Explicit requirements Support during first year Flexible assessment and regular feedback Student success

9 What is student engagement? The UK Quality Code for Higher Education B5: Improving the motivation of students to engage in learning and to learn independently The participation of students in quality enhancement and quality assurance processes, resulting in the improvement of their educational experience

10 Expectation of B5 “Higher education providers take deliberative steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience” Representation of the student view through formal mechanisms Opportunity to be involved in quality enhancement and assurance The Quality Code, Chapter B5, Indicator7, QAA

11 Mechanisms for involving students: what might these include?

12 Student engagement Mechanisms for involving students: Questionnaires, e.g., end of module / year Student representative structures Research activities – focus groups Student membership of committees Student consultation events Student involvement in new projects Student dialogue with decision makers Online discussion forums Formal quality processes, e.g., annual monitoring and review, mutual review, periodic programme review

13 Course reps Sustained strategy of student involvement Importance of the feedback loop One per level per course, nominated by students Improve quality Create a culture of student engagement

14 What do course reps need? Access to training and on-going support Regular access to senior staff Mutual sharing of information Information about mechanisms to collate feedback from students Involvement in decision making Ensure students feel rewarded for involvement

15 Additional resources Leeds Beckett Student Union National Union of Students / Higher Education Academy Student Engagement ToolkitNational Union of Students / Higher Education Academy Student Engagement Toolkit Centre for Learning and Teaching Operational Guidance for Franchise Delivery

16 Questions

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